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Posted 2/9/08 , edited 2/9/08

Ohno Satoshi and Ninomiya Kazunari
Sunny Arashi

- We'd like you two to talk about the memories between you of the year '07.
Ohno: You celebrated my birthday ne.
Nino: That's right ne. Although it went over about 2 days. Along with your neighbourhood friends ne. We were talking normally.
Ohno: Eating, singing. At the beginning I told you that our friends were going to do it.
Nino: I was invited by this guy too ne. Because we were together when work finished Riidaa and I went just the two of us. ...You don't
remember do you?
Ohno: I fell asleep (laughs). Even though it was my birthday party.
Nino: Well, the only part that was birthday party-ish was the moment when we toasted it ne. We just toasted and said 'Happy Birthday!'.
Ohno: After that it was just a normal dinner party ne.
- On a side note, did you do something Nino's birthday?
Ohno: ...(thinking) Huh? What did we do again?
Nino: We didn't do anything ne.
Ohno: We didn't do anything huh. I sent you a text message. Were we working together? I don't really remember ne.
Nino: We weren't together at this year's birthday.
Ohno: Speaking of which, lately we haven't been exchanging presents ne.
Nino: We haven't ne.
- So, in '07, at point were you watching the other person and thought [he's so cool!]?
Ohno: Nino's cool in everything.
Nino: Riidaa's cool in everything too ne.
Ohno: When he's eating too, I'm not really sure but he's cool ne.
Nino: He's cool from the moment he gets to the set ne. It's only natural that I would be revering him.
Ohno: Yeah. I was thinking that you were revering me. I felt that (laughs).
Nino: I affectionately respect you. Ohno-san, whenever, wherever.
Ohno: Nino's profile when he's playing games is kind of incredibly great ne.
- Well then, the cute points?
Nino: Everything's cute.
Ohno: Everything's cute. I think he's cute everyday. Heheheh.
- What other things have the two of you done besides the birthday?
Ohno: Ah~, the two of us did a performance together, for work.
Nino: We did ne.
- That's the guest appearance on [Yamada Tarou Monogatari] ne.
Ohno: I was thinking that Nino had really grown.
Nino: Really? Well~, although it's me saying this, Ohno-san was just as you would expect. Just from entering the set all the extras
said [good morning!] to him. When he introduced himself they applauded. Everyone was really worked up weren't they.
When I saw that I really felt that even though everyone was meeting him for the first time they all loved Ohno-san ne. Because
when it was me they didn't applaud as much.
Ohno: Is that so?
Nino: I was thinking that's why the TV industry is asking for Ohno-san.
Ohno: I see. it.
Nino: Huhahahaha.
- How many people were there around you?
Ohno: I dunno. I couldn't look forward, I was too embarrassed.
Nino: But Ohno-san, you appeared well ne.
Ohno: Remembering the lines was a lot of work ne.
Nino: Huh? Didn't you just change them on your own and speak?
Ohno: Ah~, I couldn't remember them. I changed them (laughs).
Nino: That was the point where the director said [Could you not say that?] isn't it. Then you said [no way] and refused. You went on with
what you wanted to do, I guess you could call that core strength huh. I didn't have that. I thought that was amazing ne. (caution:
this is a joke)
Ohno: Indeed ne.
Nino: That was something you had thought about after all?
Ohno: That's the result.
Nino: It showed up on the screen.
Ohno: It did?
Nino: Yes, Sho-kun said so.
Ohno: We haven't seen it.
Nino: I saw it ne. Although only the part where Ohno-san appeared. It was an icnredibly good performance.
Ohno: Thanks.
- By the way, lately we see you two with facial hair from time to time. That's rare ne.
Ohno: Ah~, I think it's more rare for the other 3 to have them ne.
Nino: That's right ne, when it comes to us all.
- Ohno-san has been growing some on his chin for a while now, but lately Ninomiya-san too.
Nino: I think that, after all ne, is a path that I had to tread at least once as someone who affectionately respects Ohno-san.
Ohno: I think it's tough though.
Nino: Since I think that it's Ohno-san's Arashi.
Ohno: Well, since he's still kind of a kid it's thin though. His feelings come across though. When I shave, he shaves. When I think that
it's grown out I can feel it right away. You could say we understand each other.
Nino: It's really all I can do not to be behind. One way or another.
Ohno: Because of that, there are times when we don't see each other for 3 or 4 days ne, but I think it's those times that he's the most
Nino: Though when we meet I get by without even thinking about it ne.
Ohno: When we meet out of the blue and I'm all grown out...
Nino: I panic ne. Since there's more things to think about on days we don't see each other. Like, 'how will Ohno-san bring it out
next?'. Though really I want to imitate his hairstyle too. But if I imitated him that much when we have concerts people won't
be able to tell who's who (laughs).
Ohno: That can't be helped ne (laughs).
Nino: That's why I mustn't get any taller. Just like this.
- Who's taller? If you were to say one or the other.
Ohno: Nino's taller.
Nino: No no, Ohno-san is definitely taller, speaking from appearance. That thing. The line-up in [Yes?No?] is the height order.
Ohno: That's right. [Yes no~] ne.
Nino: It's a fantastic singing voice ne!
Ohno: Though it was just light ne (shy).
- Speaking of concerts, I think that not being able to see OhmiyaSK lately is an extraordinarily sad situation.
Nino: Just the other day ne, they said they broke up ne.
Ohno: They said something like that ne.
Nino: They said to convey their thanks to the people in Japan who supported them ne.
- Is this true?!
Ohno: You'd have to ask them to know ne.
Nino: Because they said it, we're just repeating it ne.
Ohno: But they were drunk that time ne. Those two.
Nino: Well, I'm not getting my hopes up very much ne. ...I guess I'll get the same hairstyle as Riidaa after all huh.
Ohno: Well, do your best (laughs).

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Posted 2/9/08 , edited 2/9/08
yaaaaaaaaay..that was soooooo cute..thnx for adding it!!! OHMIYA 4 EVRRR!!!!!!!!! loolz
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Posted 2/9/08 , edited 2/9/08
Aww, how cute! I really love these two!

Thanks for posting!!! Cute pics, too. *O*
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Posted 2/9/08 , edited 2/10/08
awwwwwwwwwwwwww OHMIYA <3

its truly undeniable.


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Posted 2/10/08 , edited 2/10/08
ehhh.. x) hontouni kawaii desu ne~ x))


*dances off happily to do my report*

lol wth..
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Posted 2/17/08 , edited 2/18/08
AHHH KAWAIII thanks for sharing =))))))

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Posted 3/17/08 , edited 3/18/08
awwww thank you~ when was this?
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Posted 3/18/08 , edited 3/18/08

doce wrote:

awwww thank you~ when was this?

no problem
gomen ne,but I don't have a clue
I believe in the year 2007
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Posted 3/18/08 , edited 3/18/08
nooooooooooooo XDDD
they talkin about the memories of 2007 so it must be in the beginning of 2008 XDDD
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Posted 3/26/08 , edited 3/26/08
i definitely LOVE these two... they're so close like brothers...maybe even more than that!!!!
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Posted 5/6/08 , edited 5/6/08
i've read this just now. I love Ohmiya's bond. Nino's like a great fan of Ohno. He looks up to Ohno so much. I hope Ohmiya will never break up. and I wish they pair up in a drama one of these days (like sho and nino in YTM)
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Posted 5/8/08 , edited 5/8/08
Ohmiya♥♥ I envy their close relationship. Nino is like a little brother who looks up to his older brother. So he copies whatever his brother does. Soo cuteee!!!! I'm in love with this two! Thanks for sharing.
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Posted 5/10/08 , edited 5/10/08
thank u for posting .. it's nice.. but i'm sad that they said they had broken up..
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Posted 5/19/08 , edited 5/19/08
omg soo cute.
i love ohmiya sk.

&& they soo love each other very much :))
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