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Posted 2/9/08 , edited 2/9/08
Jigoku Shoujo or Hell Girl,is an anime that debuted in 2005.The story revolves around Ai Enma,the Hell Girl of the story where she helps people who accessed to Hell website to carry out their grudge against their enemy by sending them to hell,with the help of her faithful 3 helpers.

All the episodes are stand alone story;you get to see why they send the people to hell and the "fun" when those baddies get sent to hell and witnessed all sorts of nightmares before entering hell.

Starting from episode 8?,a new character appear along with his daughter.Their ancestors had a connection with Ai Enma's dark past,and it is slowly revealed during the last few episodes.

There is no character development here.The character development for Ai's 3 helpers only started during the second season.As for Ai,her emotions are revoked after her past is revealed.After her past is revealed,though she is still the same old gloomy looking Ai,she actually show some emotions,much more than the first season.And at the last episode where you can see her smile.The first series also focus on Hajime and Tsugumi's relationship.

No doubt,my favourite phrase in this series is "ippen shinde miru?".The phrase stucked in my mind for quite some time after the series,but i managed to overcome it though.

Some stories are interesting,while some are not and just tad boring.Sometimes,you really hate the presumed antagonist that are sent to hell,to the point where you actually enjoyed watching them suffering their worst nightmare before entering hell.While most people who are sent to hell are bad guys,there are some who are sent based on very baseless reason.

The stories in second season seem ridiculous to me.Some do not make much sense to me.Regardless of that,season 2 is slightly better than season 1,because we get to see some background story on the helpers of Ai.They have their own issues as well,and i am glad that they are given some background story to prove they are not just an "accessory" in the anime.

The main villains for season 2 is no doubt the residents of the Lovely Hills.They are the most despicable,selfish,horrible people you can ever imagine.Takuma,the poor chap who was stucked in this unfair treatment by those people,was helped by Ai Enma during the last episode.There is also a new character called Kikuri.She is somewhat annoying to me,i didn't know her real purpose in the show until the last few episodes.Anyway,i certainly like Ai better than Kikuri as Hell Girl.

Btw,Hajime and tsugumi made an appearance in season 2.You know,i can't help but feel that something bad has happened to them,from the way they and the investigators talked.I felt rather uneasy,and i hope this matter will be resolved during Season 3.

One of the things that may came across your mind when you watch this is whether these people deserved being sent to hell.This is somewhat like Death Note as well.No matter what they did to you,shouldn't you just leave it at the hands of God?I dont know if you guys believe in karma,but i do.The things that you do will surely come back to haunt you or you will receive similar treatment or something worst.

Jigoku Shoujo is not a relaxing anime.It can instill hatred in you without you realizing it,but sometimes you just can't deny yourself of the enjoyment when you watch those bad guys being carried off to hell and experiencing their worst nightmare.But it may also left you a question;Do they deserved being sent to Hell regardless of their sin?

Anyway,i can't wait for season 3.

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Posted 2/29/08 , edited 2/29/08
Spooky... I extremely love it... Season 1 is kinda down... But season 2 is truly AWESOME... Storyline is pretty amazing... Enma is beautiful... Hence... 8.5 out of 10...

Ipe... Shindemiru...
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Posted 2/29/08 , edited 2/29/08
erm... i haven't finish watching it.. but it was awesome
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Posted 2/29/08 , edited 2/29/08
i really like this series, it was very suspencful and interesting.
I only watched the second season thought, i wasn't able to watch the first season because it got licensed but i really liked the second season.
I was really into the plot of the story and almost every episode i cried in the end. Expecially in the end... i cried so much, i wouldn't stop until i fell asleep, so in other words i cried my self to sleep.
The genre is horror, but to me it wasn't very much of a horror anime.
The art was good, so i enjoyed watching it.
i would give this anime 8.9 out of 10.
Posted 3/8/08 , edited 3/8/08
I like this anime, both seasons. I feel sory for Ai and I was sad when I saw how she died at the end of the 2nd season. I can't wait 3rd season to come out
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Posted 3/8/08 , edited 3/9/08
love this anime!
someone just recently invited me to a group addicted ti hell girl and thank god it found me

i love enma..
although yes she is emotionless..

in some stories in the series, not only the bad ones go to hell.. sometimes, the bad ones access the hell site to send a good person to hell..
which is rather unfair, but of course, that's uncontrollable..
everyone can access the hell site whether it's a good person or a bad one..
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