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Posted 2/9/08 , edited 2/9/08
Utawarerumono is a pretty popular anime back in 2006.It looks like a fantasy anime...........or so you think.

At first it kicked off as a fantasy anime,then become some sort of war tactics,and finally sci-fi/mecha.It looks weird to me,especially with the appearance of the mecha.I was like,wtf wtf wtf?

The plot for Utawarerumono is rather typical.It is also about a world turning out to be some sort of post-apocalyptic world,and a hero and a villain.The during the last few episodes,it suddenly turned into a twisted story.While i like it because it will mean i have to use my brain to think,it doesn't feel the same.The background story about Hakuoro seem confusing to me,but after a while i understood what's going on.I find it weird that the first half of the series was rather fantasy like,while the second half wasn't like that.The pacing of the first half was better than the second half.Somehow,the flashbacks during the second half while it's interesting,it kind of slow the pacing down.

The design of the characters really strike a chord with me.Eruruu and Aruruu are so cute,that i feel like pinching their ears and tails.As for Hakuoro,we never see his face until........well let's not spoil it.Anyway,his face looked like this:

And then there was the relationship between Hakuoro and Eruruu.I dont know if you call that incest...but to me it is.Having a relationship with your ancestor sounds weird,but i guess love is all it matters.Hakuoro is actually God,so with him having a relationship with anyone would have sound awkward.Throughout the story,you can see how Hakuoro slowly builds up his relationship with the other characters.Surprisingly,the one that i found best was Hakuoro and Aruruu's father-daughter relationship.It's so sweet,and Aruruu is absolutely adorable.The part where Hakuro went emo after Aruruu's death to me is like " I want more!!!!!!!".It's nice to see how the villagers grew to trust him,and trust their fates with him.Unity theme is really strong here.

The ending was rather rushed though,and we never get to see who Eruruu is smiling at during the last scene.Some speculate that it was Hakuoro,while some said not.To me,it's Hakuoro,because before the part Eruruu turned and smiled,the wind blew and everyone seem to be aware of certain someone.But that's just me.

The animation is good,and it is one of the extra points of the series.The animation is consistent.Most of the good animes tend to get "lazy" after a few awesome episode with superb animation,then it started to get worse and worse.I am glad that it didn't turn out that wat for this anime.However,i am not too happy about the CG.I never like CG being used in anime;it makes the anime looks cheap.

The character development here is very disappointing.There are so many characters,so it is probably hard for the writers to develop all of them.Because of the "overcrowding" of the characters,the characters did not get enough screen time to develop their character,and this included Hakuoro.This affected the story,as i want to know more about what made the characters what they are today and the significance of them to the story.

Overall,despite the shortcomings,Utawarerumono is an enjoyable anime.You may get confuse over the evolution and timescape thing during the last few episodes,but if you do just rewatch it and you will understand.Utawarerumono is certainly better than other animes out there of year 2006

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Posted 5/31/08 , edited 6/1/08
it was agreat anime before the who he is thing but then turn near to bad anime
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