Devil House Forum Rules (Updated: 3.14.09)
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Posted 2/9/08 , edited 3/15/09
*Read and understand the Forum Rules

1) Spam as much as you want

It's fun right? Not as if anyone cares.

2) Chainletters are allowed

Who gives a shyt if I'm not going to be kissed ever or find true love if I don't post the chain letter. But if you're a paranoid pansy then post away in the "Random" thread.

3) Post a lot of pictures if you want

But please. No ugly fat guys. We have enough of those.

4) Type like a 5-yr old if you want

Who are we to judge if you are un-intelligent and cannot type correctly.

If you break these rules......
1st offence) We won't care
2nd offence) Get a life we still don't care
3rd offence) *GASP* officially have no life

WARNING: these rules are intended for ONLY this group if you do it in any other group you'll probably be screwed
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