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Crunchyroll is Now on Android TV!

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Posted 9/11/16 , edited 9/11/16

jamesbcd wrote:

Can anyone direct me to the APK? The one I'm trying to sideload onto my Fire TV is in portrait mode and it's a pita to use.

Use TinyDL sideloader with sideload tag HDUBDNW

Easy peasy
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Posted 11/19/16 , edited 11/20/16
It does not work. App is in portrait mode and the selected video just keeps loading. Nothing starts. Is there any other way? Thanks
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Posted 12/25/18 , edited 12/25/18
I have to say that the Android TV app is terrible. The only positive is that the pause button works. Here are some of my problems:

1) Shows are not broken down by seasons anymore. Sometimes you have to do a long side-scroll to get to the episode you were watching. Imagine having to scroll 3/4 of the way through Naruto lol
2) No 'play next episode' option. You can turn on auto-play, but then you have to fast-forward through the credits to get to the end for auto-play to kick in
3) I couldn't find a way to get to a specific episode info
4) No way to tap on the progress bar to get to a certain part of the video. Yes, this was meant for the TV platform and not touchscreens, but man y of us use air-mice with our Android TV boxes

All in all, I'm willing to sacrifice the pause button functionality and just side-load the regular Android app on my Shield, if possible.

P.S. Can you make the Pause button work on the Android app? That's the only thing really missing from it

Update: I managed to side-load the Android app APK and used TV App Repo to make it appear on the home-screen. The only bummer is that it defaults to portrait mode until you start playing video
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Posted 12/26/18 , edited 12/27/18
The Android TV app is broken af.
Trying to log in can cause it to crash.
And this has been a known issue for months.
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Posted 12/27/18 , edited 12/28/18
Everything works on NVidia Shield, but it's missing a lot of functionality. I don't even know why they didn't just make some tweaks to the regular Android app and run with that:
-Enable the Pause button
-Make it Landscape by default
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M / Tralfamadore
Posted 1/7/19 , edited 1/7/19
On android, just barely. Was this app made in one day?
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Posted 1/10/19 , edited 1/10/19
This app can definitely be frustrating. Generally works, but not infrequently I get unexpected quit messages, failures to log in, or freezes. Restarting the TV, stopping and restarting app usually fixes, but at least once a month I have to uninstall then reinstall.....
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Posted 11/2/19 , edited 11/3/19
I would love the Apple Tv version of Crunchy Roll on Android TV, is there any plans to do that?
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Posted 7/11/20 , edited 7/11/20
There was an update this week that completely broke the app.

* Long load times on loading menu up to 30 seconds
* Autoplay no longer works, after an episode the app queues the episode and starts loading forever. One have to exit the episode, go back into main menu, reselect the next episode, wait for it to play

Using Nvidia Shield 2019
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Posted 7/12/20 , edited 7/12/20
Yeah, same here on Shield 2017.

Loading times have gotten way longer (and UI is blocked during that time) which makes that app really annoying to use.

Autoplay is very unrealiable. It seems to have a 50% chance that it works (or not), I had to switch it off.

Even manually going to the next episode sometimes does not work. The app just gets stuck. Only way to get it going again is pressing back until back on the main screen, wait for loading stuff to complete, find history and continue.

Even though the app now looks a bit prettier it became worse to use. Previously it was easy to just continue on shows you were watching, now I have to navigate around a bunch.

And last, the information about a show is incorrect. It often shows a number of seasons/episodes which is incorrect. It seems to count dubbed releases also as seasons for every language. Which is just weird.

The old app was not great, but what was there just worked. I don't think this is a real improvement.
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Posted 7/19/20 , edited 7/19/20
Same issues but to top it off it's laggy on my humble Mi Box, even playback feels stuttery.
I downgraded to 1.1 as a workaround.
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Posted 7/30/20 , edited 7/30/20
The CR app is laggy on Android TV a lot. Also, it's harder to search for seasonal anime now. In short, the app looks like it's ripped off from Netflix, albeit badly.
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Posted 8/6/20 , edited 8/6/20
I just bought a TCL smart tv, downloaded the CR app and the menu is ridiculously zoomed in. If you can find what you want to watch the full screen video is fine but anything else is zoomed in so much you can’t see anything. Just want CR on me tv lads
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Posted 8/25/20 , edited 8/25/20
Well, Well

Prices are to double, just as the quality of the Android TV App, went down the drain. :
The 'New' V2 App is:

• Slow as Hell, you have to give it at least 30 seconds between each selection
• When loading you can actually watch it drawing the first page.
• Selecting play, does not guarantee it will start.
• There is no way to find out what latest episodes have been uploaded.
• Using 'S' to delineate Subtitled, Dubbed & Series is just stupid, 'S1' Subtitled Series 1, 'S2' Dubbed Series 1, 'S3' Subtitled Series 2.

If they don't use some of this extra money to improve V2 then after 10+ Years I will be off.

Thoroughly Discussed
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Posted 8/30/20 , edited 9/7/20
The V2 is by far the worst video app I have used on Android TV.

2.0 was unusable and so bad they rolled back to 1.1. Then they decided to force 2.1, it was still just as bad.

And it has almost been 2 month, no news of an update and support isn't answering anything else than "We know, everyone has the same problem, empty your cache, clear your data, uninstall the app. That won't fix anything but we are still telling you to do so because we are incompetent"

I have the app on a 2015 Sony Bravia on Android TV. I know my TV isn't recent but nobody buys a new TV every other year and I have the following issues:
- 40 second startup time
- 10-20 seconds loading times every time you select a series or start a video (unless it crashes and sends you back to step 1)
- every 2-3 episodes it is unable to play the next one and I have an infinite loading screen unless I go back to the menu (with more loading time)
- often crashes mid episode when you rewind
- a 1 second input lag for every key you press
- an awful player with the worst controls

I won't even talk about the homepage that utterly sucks even more than Netflix and keep episodes marked as "new" even though they were released over a year ago and only have 1 second left to watch

I don't know what the budget was to develop the V2, but if Crunchyroll paid more than the price of a happy meal, they got badly scammed.
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