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Posted 7/6/08 , edited 7/6/08
all techniques!!!
Posted 7/9/08 , edited 7/9/08
Double Vision

Twist Serve Tornado

The Last Counter

Samurai Drive

Dash Hadoukyuu

Hadoukyuu Boomerang

Tornado Smash

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Posted 8/17/08 , edited 8/17/08
Golf Swing, Laser Beam, Tsubame Gaeshi, Phantom Ball, Data Tennis, Kamaitachi, Invisible Swing, Rondo Towards Destruction, Tango Towards Destruction, Knuckle Serve, Tight rope walk, Metal Pole Hit (something like that), Snake (boomerang and short), Invisible Serve, Fuu Rin Ka Zan Rai! yeah i have a lot! lol
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Posted 11/22/08 , edited 11/23/08
Drive A,C/Cool Drive
Teni Muhō No Kiwami
Hoshi Hanabi
Tornado Smash
Zero Shiki
Tezuka Zone
& the Samurai Drive
Posted 12/2/08 , edited 12/3/08
Ryoma's moves- cool drive,cyclone smash, drive C, muga no kyouchi, and later on he knows the Teni muh no kiwami(the last door of muga no kyouchi) which means (Pinnacle of Perfection)
fuji's evolved moves- houou gaeshi (phoenix return) hakuryuu (white dragon) hecatoneirres no Monban (gatekeeper of hecatoneirres) disappearing serve, and kirin otoshi (kirin drop)
tezuka's moves- tezuka zone, tezuka phantom, hyauren jitoku no kiwami (pinnacle of hard work), muga no kyouchi (state of self actualization), saiki kanpatsu no kiwami (pinnacle of great wisdom), and his zero shiki drop shot


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Posted 1/15/09 , edited 1/15/09
tansai fuji syuusuke's triple counters as well as the fourth counter!!

oh, nt ter leave out kikumaru's acrobatic play tts cool

n ryoma's split step is awesome too
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Posted 8/27/11 , edited 8/27/11
I like Shiraishi's Perfect Tennis *:*
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