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Posted 3/16/16 , edited 3/16/16
Written by: Dai_Loli

Please tell me! Galko-chan shines by how it manages to both be very perverted and, at the same time, not at all. Condoms, huge boobs, armpit hair, nipples, va-jay-jays, female underwear and even those burning poops you take after eating spicy food, nothing is sacred, and yet, it’s not shocking or repulsive since it’s smoothly presented in a casual conversation setting. The anime emulates those kinds of chats you sometimes have about very personal things with your close friends leading to embarassed reactions or surprising revelations but always end in good laughs.

The titular Galko may seem like a sexually active, rebellious and superficial gyaru at first glance, but she’s actually still a virgin and a good-natured, honest girl. The anime plays on this stereotype often as the other students in class imagine all sorts of uncanny scenarios about Galko’s private life that are so off-track it’s amusing.

I am finding great enjoyment out of eavesdropping on these girls’ candid conversations and find the 8-minute format suits the show perfectly, definitely one of the best short-form anime this season!

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Written by: edsamac

We all likely had that one moment in time where we had that question regarding the private parts of the opposite sex. It's all just a part of adolescence, and Please tell me! Galko-chan is just that - a comedic introspection of the ins and outs of puberty as framed through the life of a misunderstood "gyaru".

For those who are not aware, "gyaru" is the Japanese pronunciation for the English word "girl". Gyaru is, in fact, less a description of a person than it is a form of adolescent subculture, filled with girls who have an inclination towards overly glamorous displays of self-decoration, combined with bleached hair, tanned skin, and skimpy clothes. Their reputation earns itself the equivalent of a promiscuous girl to most Japanese, and are more often than not presented as the classroom truant.

But Galko is anything but that - and this comedic irony works as the foundation of all of the toilet humor that the show has to offer. Being the butt of all of these topics that explore the anatomy of growing up, Galko's comedic foibles become endearing as a result of the gap created between what she looks like -- what people expect her to be -- and what she's really like, a phenomenon referred to as the "gap moe". In fact, the show ties its ironies into the very names of all of its characters - Galko is basically a portmanteau of "girl" and "child" ("ko" uses the child kanji, and is found at the end of most feminine names); Otako is an obfuscated version of the word "otaku"; and Ojou is a truncated version of "ojousama".

But none of this is anything entirely new. As a comedic format, it consists of two dimensional, rehashed characters that talk about things that are probably a little extreme for a cartoon-based medium. But that's okay. To a certain extent, it's fun to watch these silly kids talk about all of these off the wall things. Sometimes, they're on to something - but most of the time, they're just so wrong. Not all of its jokes come across the way it should, and those who dislike sexist tropes may want to stay away from this show altogether. But when all is said and done, Please tell me! Galko-chan is a ridiculous show that makes for a great day ender - the type of fun that isn't ashamed of being overtly vulgar while keeping in mind that its characters are still adorably innocent. We're all growing up after all, right? So let's just let kids be kids and let them talk about whatever it is they want to talk about. Our simplest response is to just listen.

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Written by: battlewaifu

I went into Please tell me! Galko-chan thinking the characters were cute and wanting to watch a short anime, and not actually having any idea what the show was about. I came out of the first episode with absolutely zero regrets. Though you could consider the show perverted, yes, it actually makes me happy to see teenagers talk about... let's say 'TMI', subjects so casually. This might be due in part to the fact that I'm one of those people who is blatantly honest about everything, these kind of things included, but hey, you have to find out somehow!

Watching Galko-chan is generally a combination of laughing, being surprised when they're actually right about something, and shaking my head at them when they're so, so wrong. I personally feel like they're actually being fairly innocent when it comes to talking about these things... with the exception of Otako's intentional sex jokes. The boys' are a little more risqué with their thoughts, but we are talking about high schoolers, here.

Galko-chan is a very specific type of show, and you'll know fairly quickly whether it's for you or not. Still, give it a chance! The color palette is lovely, the characters funny, and at about eight minutes an episode, you have nothing to lose!

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Posted 3/20/16 , edited 3/20/16
This is easily my favorite of all the short-form shows I've seen so far, rivaled only by Yamishibai's first season, maybe. Unlike the majority of shows, what sets this apart from other anime, even long form ones, is that I can never quite tell where the show is going to go or what they are going to do or say, whereas your average anime is so cliche all their beats are either telegraphed in advance or explicitly explained.

The awkward, but genuine, honesty of it is refreshing.
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