Top 5 Anime Endings [Possible spoilers]
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Posted 7/7/07 , edited 7/8/07
Hello, I'm a big anime fan, and have watched plenty of anime from every genre, and I thought hey, I liked the ending of that one, or that ending was the best! I decided hey, this is just MY opinion; maybe I should go on the streets and interview a bunch of people about their top 5 anime endings..but then I realized...nobody on my street likes anime, so it failed. Now I come to you, (Insert name here) and ask what are your top 5 anime endings?

Mine are as follows(from 5-1, 1 being the best):

5. Fate/Stay night: I am fully aware that some people were left empty at the ending, but I'd say that is a fitting tactic for this anime. It didn't end too empty, the studio tried to make it a touching ending. It was an inevitable ending however, which is way it's on my 4th. I knew it'd come to this by the second last episode, it had a Shufflesque ending in which a big climax happens and things are calmed greatly. The ending was a bit sad, and did indeed leave me empty.

4. Shakugan no Shana: Despite it not really ending yet since there will be a second season pretty soon, I liked this ending. Not much to explain, it's been licensed so I can't rewatch the ending so I can't really go in depth, but I can remember some of it, and I can remember how after watching it I was running around jumping "Yeah!" Lol I'm insane.

3. Black Lagoon (Second Barrage): Despite it containing a lot of action, it was indeed a great ending for me, it had a lot of philosophical meaning to it . Especially the last few seconds with Levi and the Nun...^.^ The last episode was touching despite all the bloodshed ( especially when Levi got hurt)

2. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (WTH Melancholy are you insane? Is the expected response to reading this) : Yes I am insane, Insane over this anime that is. This anime despite being somewhat disgusting and scary, the ending to the first season was awesome. A fight scene on a rooftop on a normal hollywood action movie is so boring, but when it's a fight scene on a rooftop in a Horror anime It's perfect! Also loved the stakes for the bet. The ending was a happy contrast to the bloodlust plot but in the end it didn't matter. I recommend this anime, it's kinda licensed though but the second season isn't yet...but then that's no good since you'd be skipping the first, I guess watch the dubs on dvd when it comes out. ( Btw for people who has seen the ending I'd be alright for an endless july since July the first month of summer break from school for me).

1. Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Oh come on, you knew I'd add this in unless my name isn't obvious enough) : What's there to say? If you haven't seen it yet, then I'm truly sorry. But then again there'll be a second season. I liked the beginning of the last episode, where Kyon explained his ordeal and how he was surrounded by an alien, a time traveller and an esper. I liked how they were trapped in school just the two of them xD. I loved how he had flashback images of moments, the ending was absolutely awesome (it made me feel all tingly inside)! "Pony Tails turn me on" is the best quote to understand this ending. Haruhiism!

'Nuff said, give me your top 5! (Doesn't have to be as long or detailed as my explanations to spare your brains from imploding)
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Posted 7/7/07 , edited 7/8/07
You can talk about your favorites in here (and their endings):
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