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28 / under ur bed hot...
Posted 4/3/10 , edited 4/3/10
shopping at mens section so wut its there fault 4 not having cool cloths at the girls section xD

they dont really mistake me 4 a lesbian or call me sir

my parents should be happy at least i dont have a bf xD

''their'' society well i can start my own hehe and they r not allowed 2 enter xD
Posted 6/5/10 , edited 6/6/10
I love being called sir in public.
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24 / F / Dubai
Posted 11/17/10 , edited 11/18/10

i dnt really care ;P

i jst hate it when i c one of my family members out there ( since its kinda a secret from my family n only my friends knw about me being a Tomboy )

and i hide watevr thing i buy from the guys section

GOD !!!!
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25 / F
Posted 12/18/10 , edited 12/18/10
for me good and bad...

I seem to make more guy friends
None of the guys are attracted to me
Always a laugh when im with a friend because i get mistaken as their bf
More people interested in my style

Too much attention from girls
Girls hitting on mee
Being called lesbian when im straight
Using public toilets on my own
Being called "sir"
Getting shouted at by my friend's bf from them thinking im a guy hitting on them
Parents say to me "you're a boy not a girl"
More fights with guys
Posted 1/18/11 , edited 1/19/11
Well I just hate it when I get forced to wear girl clothes. I don't like it when people goes around the school and spread rumors about you dressing as a guy and being gay. Hate it when people think all tomboys are LES which isn't true. BI over here so I don't care if you call me LES. Cool things about tomboys is that we can do things guys do and what girls do. Once my friend took my other friend's bag and threw it in the boys bathroom. My friend she didn't care and went in to get it. No one caught her, they thought that she was a guy lol. How cool, well not a pervert so I wouldn't go in for no reasons to look. Not interested. And if you need to use the bathroom and there's a long line for the girls, go to the guys. See how cool we are. LOL
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26 / F / United States
Posted 3/3/11 , edited 3/4/11
My parents don't know I'm a tomboy but my mother would be fine with it. Afterall she's a lesbian. My dad would freak out but wouldn't do anything about it. And my stepmother tries to push me into being frilly or girly, I hate it.
No one I come into contact with at school acknowledges the fac that I look boyish. This ONE Asian girl said I look like a "hot guy" but that was the gist of it.
When I go shopping for guys clothes I wash them myself so my parents don't find out.
Posted 7/1/11 , edited 7/2/11
-Sneaking in to the boy's restroom when there's a long line for the girl's
-If you're hot enough lots of girls will turn gay for you (only good for bi/lesbian)
-Understand girls more than guys do
-Won't get girls pregnant
-Hotter than real guys
-Love by girls and guys
-Mistaken as a guy (when it's a good situation)
-Gets along with girl more easier (since you're a girl also)
-Somehow more safe when you walk alone at night (unless if the rapist is gay or a woman)
-Gets hit on by both sex (could be bad also)

-Make fun by assholes/bitches
-Kicked out of the girl's restroom
-Mistaken as a guy (when it's a bad situation)
-Being asked if you're a trans
-Parents would always complain (unless if you live by yourself or if your parents don't care)
-Called gay when you're actually straight
-Picks up more fights
-Whores/sluts mistake you as a guy and wants to touch your XXXXX
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27 / F / *insert location...
Posted 7/20/11 , edited 7/20/11 i went to france recently and this restaurant had a unisex bathroom. guess you wouldnt have to worry there, seeing as women, men and children all walked outta the same room lol
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