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24 / F / NC,US*soul in jap...
Posted 2/10/08 , edited 2/10/08
Introduce youself HERE!
add a pic of urself if u want and tell us why you're here ^_^

ill start with Me xD Ms.BakaCreator

Name: Vanessa, Nessa, V, Nesi, Nesser, Vanaynay etc...whtever u wanna call me xD
age 14, in the country where Bush is president*cough* not for long* ....YES!!!* ok, back on track...
duh, im here, cuz i wanna be xD okay jkjk im your average, or not so average, fangirl >_<
spend most of my day multitasking, but always *24/7* fangirling!
in my sleep, at school, doing random things. xD i like to do most of my fangirling drawing pictures of gorgeous guys ^_^ Like i said, Im special =) *if u wanna see sum of it, go to my propro ^_^
90% of iPod consists of music and videos of my "husbands"*MWAHAHAH*
but i have a life besides fangirling, i think...i shop, go to school, travel during summer, hang with friends, and the such. CR buddies are great! luv them all! ^_^ they make great fangirling partners as well.
will add my pic later xD
Okay, enough of me =P


plz, introduce urself!
Posted 2/15/08 , edited 2/16/08
yo(; just call me gillian(;
all the way in cali and just a freshy
i am IN LOVE with my husbands:
lee seung ri, kwon ji yong, yamashita tomohisa, and nishikido ryo<3
im a huge bigbang&news fan[obviously]
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Posted 2/15/08 , edited 2/16/08
my name is hanan ...
I was born 2 stalk hot guys (lol just joking)
I'm also a Big fan of NewS ..especially Yamashita tomohosa (yamapi) & Tegoshi yuya ...
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Posted 2/16/08 , edited 2/16/08
call me sumire..
lovelovelove NewS, Tomohisa Yamashita, also Koyama Keiichiro works
sometimes stalking Kame too..
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28 / F / lost in the JE wo...
Posted 2/17/08 , edited 2/18/08
hey my name is clauds rei u can call me rei or clauds :P

i love
1. Takki
2. Uchi
3. Ryo
4. Shige
5. Ohkura
6. Kame
7. Junno
8. Pi
9. Tegoshi
10. Akanishi

starting to really like wu chun *lol*
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Posted 4/18/08 , edited 4/18/08

nice to meet you all~

Im miyu~

I love Shirota and Shoon~

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26 / F / Philippines
Posted 5/27/08 , edited 5/28/08
Name: Eunice but just call me Nice.
Age: 16 yrs. old.

Well... I love a lot of boybands right now and I feel like stalking them! I'm just new here btw so I hope to meet new or fellow stalkers!!! Especially boys love and girlie men stalkers!
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24 / F / the great northwest
Posted 7/3/08 , edited 7/3/08
domoooouu!! watashi wa sierra desu! yuroshiku onegaishimasu
i love yamapi,matsujun,and ryo! my favorite bands are arashi and news. and i watch japanese dramas all the time
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Posted 9/30/08 , edited 9/30/08
hey ^ ^
u can call me lampy ^ ^
just thought this would be a fun group to join ^ ^
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25 / F / the black parade :)
Posted 4/19/09 , edited 4/19/09
ooooh ok
Name: wendy u can call me ... ^^" not too much imagination ... whatever u want
age: 15 but ill be 16 on may!!! the 22
i live in peru but ill be moving to the usa on june .... NY
my fav color is green ... haha too much usless info xD*
well i join the group coz i love j-pop n saw p-chan photo hahaha but my fav is shige!!
im really a fangirl too!! i cant sleep*4real if i havent heard at least 1 song!!
mmm i love playing the keybord, drawing, fanfics *with shige , love photoshop xD ...
mmm what else my fav bands are

NEWS!! --- shige
DBSK------- jaejoong
kanjani8---- ryo-chan xD
arashi------- nino-kun
kat-tun------- koki!!!!

more n more
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