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Posted 10/12/08 , edited 10/13/08
yo minna, errrrm.... im Raiza.. im a sophomore college student taking up Bachelors of Science in Nursing as my 101% anime and manga freak..ahaha.. i love SM soo soo soo much!! the bishies make my nose im 1/2 filipino 1/2 chinese..what else...hmmm... oh, im a photoshop freak... im wasting all my time in and im addicted to always here everyday, so buddy me and i'll promise you im always there to talk to you *wink* ... my top rated animes are (random) ouran, death note, fruba, SA, itazura na kiss, lovely complex, yamato nadeo shichi henge, and many more...^^... hmmm.. i play guitar and keyboards.. im not fond of eating sweets but i love to eat ice cream...

my self-intro is long and boring..ahehehe...but just read and bear with
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Posted 10/23/08 , edited 10/24/08
Hello everyone..I'm Eli and like ms. pretty_aq, I'm taking up BSN as a third year student.. I love anime so much that I can' even remember when it started..Born on February 25, under the sign of Pisces.. I'm really enjoying the sembreak right now.. If you want to know more about me, just visit my profile.. buddy me! thanks!!
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Posted 12/5/08 , edited 12/5/08
Hi EveryOne!
I'm HoNey! OH my GoSh!
It seeMs ThiS forUm iS ComPLeteLy domiNated by NurSes! So COOL!!!
Our group wiLL Sure Be Safe theN!!!
I'm a 24 y/o who LikEs aNiMe a LOt!
Pretty ChiLdiSh huh?!
BTW, I'm ActuaLLy a RegiStered NurSe..
So, hi pretty_aq aNd athena_25!
Good Luck to your studies!!!
Posted 1/5/09 , edited 1/5/09
Hi guys! My name is Jasmine but you can all call me Jaz or Sai-chan. I was born on September 20. I'm 14 yrs old and in third yr highschool. I'm Japanese-Filipino. Hobbies are playing sports (since i'm very energetic <--that's what my friends say about me), stargazing, watching anime and reading manga.

Nice to meet you all! n_n

Hope to get along with you guys! *bows*
Posted 4/2/09 , edited 4/3/09
Hai~ I'm Genesis. Call me Gen, or others if you think of any~ Born Nov 11, I'm 15 years old and play the alto sax mainly. But switching to oboe next year~~

Favorite pastime is reading manga and/or good fanficcies~~

Can someone give me a brief summary of season two?
I haven't found the time to watch it...

Nice to meet everyone~
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