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Posted 2/10/08 , edited 2/23/08
oh how i DO love the yaoi stories.. *sigh* sadly you forgot to highlight the chem reference... so this can't be accepted for the contest ~Duster

WARNING: This is a Yaoi story, between Sasuke and Naruto, meaning boyxboy action people, dont like dont read, dont flame me for that, i already warned ya! oh and some mild cursing.
Rating: M, as in Mature, for language, and future boy love. (nothing in this chapter.)
Pairing: SasuNaru, dont like please dont read, then flame, there is still nothing in this chapter.

okay, onto the story! ^_^...

Summary: yesterday, I found out my best friend was a 500+ years old vampire.

I don’t know how to deal, the way I found out was completely farfetched, now that I think about it, it all seems so surreal, and right now, I have no idea how to deal with my current problem…

“ne Sasuke?”
“You’re my best friend right?”
He nodded, giving me a confused look,
“And I’m yours, right?”
I looked into his midnight- black eyes and said, “Do you promise to stay by my side forever?”
He smiled, “absolutely”
I smiled back.

I never realized ‘forever’ was a literal word for him.

I suppose I should have noticed something was up, when my best friend would refuse to go out in the sun, he stays in the shadows all the time, and I suppose it was weird, he never attended my school anyway, so I didn’t really know if he really was learning, but I came to him for help with my homework lots of times, he’s especially good in history.
Sometimes he even corrects some of the mistakes in the books, saying: “that’s not what happened at all.” Or: “that is far from the truth”
And when I ask him how he knew, he would shrug and say that he reads from trusted books.
I never asked for those books.
How stupid.
I suppose I should have known something was weird, when I visit Sasuke and he would have all the curtains drawn, or when I never spotted a single mirror in the mansion, except for in the bathrooms, but he never lets me in with him.
I’ve known Uchiha Sasuke for 6 years and not once did I ever find out the truth about my best friend, the truth is my best friend isn’t even a human at all.
He doesn’t even have a beating heart.
My best friend is a living dead.

It happened when I was over at Sasuke’s, he didn’t seem to want me here, he actually told me to get the hell out of his house, but I had something very important to tell him, I had to tell him my true feelings.
My true desires, but the whole time I was talking, he was shifting around uncomfortably, I hadn’t even gotten to the awkward part, he was making me feel nervous; what with all his moving around, and his shifty eyes, he never made eye contact, not once.
“yeah?” still no eye contact.
“will you look at me? Please?”
He froze for a moment, and then hesitated, but eventually he looked me in the eye, I could see annoyance flashing briefly.
“What is it?” he asked, this time I couldn’t look him in the eye.
“I….have something…important to say.” I gulped.
Sasuke narrowed his eyes, “yeah, you said that at the front door, what is it?”
I started shaking, I lifted my hands, and saw that they were shaking pretty badly, Sasuke noticed too.
“Are you okay? You look sick, do you have a cold?” worry was etched onto his face, I shook my head ‘no’, and his creasing brow, un-creased.
“Then what is it?” I didn’t reply, Sasuke was getting impatient, I can see it clearly.
“What is wrong with you Naruto? Tell me now, or just get out,” I had to admit, that hurt terribly.
I was about to open my mouth to say something, when I saw the look of pure fear cross over Sasuke’s face, he was terrified, of what?
I had no idea, I skipped to his side, asking what’s wrong with him, when he suddenly grabbed the back of my neck, and pulled me down to the ground with him, yelling a “get down!”
I couldn’t grasp what happened next, the only thing I could hear was the sound of bullets, flying everywhere around us, Sasuke had me down on the ground, lying on my stomach, while he was covering me with his own body, I wanted to scream at him to hide some place, but I couldn’t, the only thing I couldn’t feel was my best friend’s heart beat, the one that is supposed to be racing like mine.
I heard of them, vampires I mean, they were quite famous these days, people saying that they encountered a vampire a few days ago, and then the rumors started, I never believed them.
I felt tears running down my face, partly afraid for my life, and the other part was because I knew these bullets wouldn’t kill Sasuke, who was covering me completely.
I pushed Sasuke off of me once the sailing bullets stopped, I grabbed the front of his shirt, slamming him against the couch, and I wrapped my hands around his neck trying to strangle him.
Sasuke’s eyes widened.
“Will you die if I keep strangling you? Huh Sasuke? Would you?!” I screamed, Sasuke didn’t reply, he shoved me off of him.
“ I don’t have time Naruto, get up, we need to get out of here!” he yelled, I tried getting up, but I ended up twisting my ankle, and falling, Sasuke rolled his eyes, “now of all times! Geez! you dobe!” he took one of my arms, and slid it across the back of his neck, he wrapped his other arm around my waist, steadying me.
I used my other hand to wipe the tears away, “for once I agree, you bastard!”
And then we ran away.
We ended up in an ally, not very far from Sasuke’s house, but I needed to rest, my foot was killing me, Sasuke placed me against the wall, “I cant run anymore Sasuke, I’m tired” I told him, breathing heavily, Sasuke sighed, and crouched in front of me.
“get on” he demanded, normally I would have flat out refused, but right now, I don’t have much choice, or time for arguing for that matter.
I did as he old me to, he adjusted me on his back, “hold on tight,” he whispered, I tightened my arms around his neck, I don’t know why though.
Not two second later, Sasuke was jumping from roof top to roof top, like he was some ninja, I wanted to yell at him for not warning me, but I couldn’t, I just buried my face in Sasuke’s hair, then promptly fainted.
That was all I remember.


I haven’t seen Sasuke since then, which was 2 months ago.
Not only do I miss the bastard, but I’m also worried, I have no idea where Sasuke is, or what happened later that night, when I woke up I found my self in my bedroom, safe and sound, and thankfully in one piece.
But, no Sasuke.
I completely freaked, I stayed in my house for a week, not even attending school, which worried my other friends.
I had thought it was all just a nightmare, so the next day, I cant avoid running by Sasuke’s house when I walk to school, so when I did, I fell back my school bag laying a few feet away, I felt my chest tighten at what I saw, and my face paling.
Sasuke’s house had those yellow police tape all around it, and the windows were smashed and broken into little pieces, and finally, what shocked me the most:
The bullet marks on the walls and windows.
I cried that day, and ended up skipping school again, spending the whole day crying in front of Sasuke’s ruined house.
Things are almost back to normal now, every one of my friends were worried about Sasuke too though, but I told them he was just away on a trip, they believed me.
Every day I go to Sasuke’s house, just to make sure that all what happened wasn’t a dream.
And every time I do, my heart breaks just a little bit more.
I haven’t received anything from him yet.
He was starting to piss me off, here I am, confused and frustrated, and he fucking knows that, so why doesn’t he show up already, and tell me what I wanted to hear for the past 2 months?!
I wanted to hear it from his lips; I wanted him to tell me that…he wasn’t human.
I wanted him to tell me the secret he’s been keeping from me for who knows how long.
I wanted to know how old he really was.
I wanted to know if our friendship was nothing but a disguise, if it was to hide that he wasn’t a normal person, that he wasn’t a person at all, but an impure demon.
I want him to explain to me what happened that night, why those guys were after us…after him.
I wanted to hear all of this from his mouth.
I wanted him to tell me the reason why he’s a vampire.
And I think I’ll take it quite well, I’ve had a lot of time to think about this, and I’m ready for whatever Sasuke will say.
“…I’m ready, so please tell me.”
Can you hear me Sasuke?
I’m ready.
So please come back to me.

first chapter, done and over with, please tell me if u liked it! i'd appretiate it a lot!
Thank you for reading!

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Just wondering, why have you posted this story Again? You can always re-edit your previous topic ( by clicking on the "Edit"
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