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El Goonish Shive- apparently has a lot of gay/bi characters and more than it's fair share of genderbending moments. Although I haven't gotten that far in yet.

The Lounge- Although not actually a gay-themed comic sevral of the main character are gay (Who? That would be telling!) Just looking at the first ever issue I'm surprised how far the art has come on! At sevral times during it has run at seven strips/week so there is plenty to read. It is still ongoing.

Too Much Information- A somewhat unusual (both in content and style) web comic featuring a transvestite gay male, a bisexual woman, two or three lesbains ... oh and one straight man. And a Ghost!

Venus Envy- A semi-biographical (As far as I can tell) webcomic about a bisexual transgendered woman (Male-to-Female) and her attempts to survive Highschool. The art's a little choppy but it's funny despite dealing with series issues. The coming out flashback was particularly amusing

-Do you know what your son just told me Robert? Apparently he thinks he's a girl!
-Thank God! I was afraid he was gay. *goes back to reading paper*

Currently on extended hiatus.


A comic about a depressed goth named Girly and a semi-delusional-almost superhero named Winter who is looking for the kind of love her parents shared, the kind of love that only exists between a superhero and her sidekick!

Excerpt (minor spoilers)

-This is my mother, she was very smart and beautiful ... and was very well endowed - at least a D cup! A standard I can only hope to achieve. She was the sidekick of my dad. My dad was kind of rude but deep down she was full of love. Together as leader and sidekick they were the perfect couple!
- So both your parents were girls?
- Yes
- You were adopted?
- No
- You had a surrogate father?
- No
- Your Mom was artificially inseminated?
- My goodness, no!
- . . .
- Well we've got some elephants to take care of.

That's all I've got atm. Please do contribute your own suggestions.
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ha thanks tows sond grant
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Khaos Komix (by Tab Kimpton) is amazing. It covers all of them (LGB and T). Each has their own story but each of the story are interconnected. The current story is about Tom, and pre-op FTM. Everyone should check this out. I've been following these stories for awhile. They are very interesting. I LOVE them!!

Tell me what you think about it, k?

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behind the obsidian mirror. it's basically a BL comic about a young guy in a relationship (sort of) with an aztec god in tenochtitlan. it's has a real sci-fi/ fantasy aspect to it, and the art is amazing (it's very anime-ish). i highly suggest you check it out. it's not as ridiculous as it sounds.
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