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Here's some basic instructions:
1)Give a name for your Zanpakutoh
2)Give command to release Shikai
3)Describe your Shikai form
4)Describe powers gained in Shikai
5)Describe powers gained in Bankai
6)Describe physical manifestaion of Zanpakutoh
7)(optional)Describe it's wielder

........................And I'll start off first:

1)Name: Seikon
2)Command to release Shikai: Bring forth your strength and speed, Seikon!
3)Description of Shikai Form: HUGE, curved blade... very similar to a scimitar. Handle and hilt are blueish in color with a chinese kanji embedded in center of the hilt "Dragon". Blade is silver-blue in color. Also a Shield is formed in the off-hand of the wielder. The Shield is enough to cover the whole top portion of the body from the neck to the waist. Impenetratable, almost. Also blue-silver in color with Gold decorations and trimmings on the front of the shield.
4) Powers gained in Shikai: Increased and maximum overall defensive and attack performance. Almost impenetratable defense (because of the shield). As well as a HUGE increase in combat speed and "shunpo", flash-step.
5) Powers gained in Bankai: Basically the physical manifestation of Seikon appears, BUT in Silver Dragon Seikon form; which is essentially a giant, silver chinese dragon which unmatched speed and of course power(naturally). Known as Seikon the Silver Dragon of Flash
6) Physical manifestation of Zanpakutoh:
Two forms Seikon may take
Dragon Form- The Silver Dragon of Flash Seikon, basically a giant chinese dragon silver in color with bright, blue eyes.
Physical Body Form- The dragon takes the form of a man clad in an ancient armour resembling a dragon.... also his appearance is sort of reptilian MAINLY the eyes, because they are the eyes of a dragon which is Seikon's true form
7)Wielder: The current wielder is me. However, unlike many other zanpakutoh, Seikon isn't tied to ONE shinigami... if I were to be killed or the blade judges me unworthy to wield him, the blade will not be able to achieve Shikkai or Bankai without another
wielder whom the blade approves of.
* Set backs: Although the shield at Shikkai state, is unpenetratable.... the wielder can be overwhelmed by an opponent with incredibly strong attacks or very high-level kidou attacks. Also, the Bankai form of Seikon naturally can only be effective in open spaces since a dragon needs quite a bit of room to manuever.

EDIT: Added the Setbacks because I didn't want to sound like I'm immortal or something. >.<
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2)Awaken, Hoshiryu!
3)It becomes longer and the tip of the blade is cut off. There is a chinese dragon wrapped around the blade. Hoshiryu is pure white. It is a simple blade.
4)In order to guard myself, I must command Hoshiryu to protect me with the chinese dragon. The dragon will awaken and unwrap itself from the blade and grow larger. then it will wrap around me, protecting me from attacks for 1 minute. and my spiritual energy increases.
5)The dragon wrapped around the blade becomes the blade itself and can shoot out and attack the enemy at my command. My strength belies in my blade. The dragon's power can increase if my skills and power increase also.
6)Rider: My zanpakotoh disappears and I am able to control the dragon. I can ride on it and make it blow fire, shoot icicles, and fly of course. This mode lasts for only 2 hours.
Ultimate:Hoshiryu becomes 3 times larger and my power increases by 2 times. this mode is so powerful, that it drains 3/4 of my spiritual energy. This mode lasts for about 30 minutes.
7) This is a personal sword, in which only I can wield it. When i die, the sword will disappear. If an enemy tries to wield it, the sword will force itself away from the enemy and fly back to my hand.
*hoshiryu is possible to crack in half)
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