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New Mission

"Hahaha, well done Edison. I always believe in my own judgement and as always you never fail." Wu-ge said in satisfaction.
"And i have another new mission for you, my godson. Actually, it was connected to Mr. Chan as well. This time round the target is millionaire Mr. Chung. Both Mr. Chan and Mr. Chung are my business partner but they actually teamed up against me to cheat my money."
"So, my mission is to kill him as well?" Edison asked.
"A yes and no. Yes is i really want him dead the next minute. No is because by now he would have known that Mr. Chan's death was somehow because of their betrayal towards me. So, in order not to let him be suspicious, i want you to befriend his daughter, Gillian Chung."
Befriend?! But how am i were to do that? I have never get involved with love relationship and would not know how to express my feelings! Edison thought that this mission would be a tough one. All this while he had no problem as to take someone's life. But to get into relationship, it was the first time.
The quiet Daniel decide to speak on behalf of Edison as if he was reading his heart, "But dad, you don't understand. Ed, he only knows how to kill and not to befriend some snobbish rich lady and i think he should be spared off this mission."
"No more say, either from you, Daniel or Edison. My decision are final and no changes were to be made. The reason why i actually hand this mission to Edison is because he does not show up in the public often, and not many people know his background. That Mr. Chung would of course hires some private investigators on his background before letting his daughter to be close to him."
So, yi-fu had this all planned out in the beginning. Never mind, it's just a mission, befriend the girl, get his father's trust and to kill him when he's not defended. That's right, and of course i will not fall in love or anything like that, just to carry the act out. That's it.
Edison then continued, "All right, yi-fu i promise you that i will not let you down no matter what. I will think up of my own ways to befriend Mr. Chung's daughter. Don't worry."
Wu-ge gave a slight nod and left Daniel together with Edison in the room. Daniel began bombarding questions at Edison, "Ed, why did you accept the mission? Do you think you can complete it? But all you know is to kill? How to befriend a girl? I'll tell you what, eventhough i myself do not have lots of love experience at least from what i know of, are much more than you do. I'll pass you some of my tricks and..'"
Just then Edison got up and walked out from the room. Daniel could only shook his head seeing Edison's stuborness which he knew nobody could stop it and he had been like that since young.

Their First Meeting

Hmm..what has happened to me today? It's just an unusual feeling as if something will befall onto me. Gillian shrugged it off and continued searching for her books. Oh, there it was, "101 Questions on Maths". When Gillian was about to take the book, someone else had gotten it first.
"Uh, i'm been searching this book for quite a while, do you mind if i borrow it?" asked Edison.
Not knowing how to reply, Gillian just nodded.
"I see that you are interested in solving Maths questions huh? Are you a student by the way?" Edison asked innocently. Of course he knew about Gillian background long ago.
"Well, i'm a foreigner, i came from the States. I'm always doing researches on the different systems for countries all over the world." Okay, so that excuse was quite lame, thought Edison. But he wouldn't know what else he could say.
"Oh, i see. If you don't mind i can show you around Hong Kong. But don't mind me, i'm not an expert when come to introducing certain things, but i will try my best." Hmm, why did i offer to help this young man eventhough i do not know him well? Well, i guess i'm just trying to be nice. He's a foreigner anyway.
"My name is Edison. Edison Chen. And you are Miss..?" Edison asked suddenly interrupting the serious Gillian.
"I'm Gillian. Gillian Chung. And welcome to Hong Kong." Gillian smiled pleasantly. Hey, why am i so friendly towards him? I mean it's not that i'm anti-social, but normally i don't treat strangers this way, especially to guys! But when i speak to Edison, my heart felt as if i'd met my first love.
For a moment, Edison's heart skipped. He had been living in Hong Kong all this years and would have known every areas inside out. But, why was he so anxious and excited when Gillian offered to show him around? Will this consider a date between them? But, i have a mission to complete. No boy-girl relationships.
Perhaps, Edison would regret his words one day. I mean when the feelings come, you could not stop it. You can only accept it whether you like it or not.
The rest of day, you can only hear whispers and laughters which belong to both Gillian and Edison. Now and then, a librarian will remind them to lower down their voice, but they couldn't help it.
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