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Posted 2/11/08 , edited 2/12/08
Reserster Your Charas! right here~!
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24 / F / a planet that we...
Posted 2/12/08 , edited 2/12/08
charas-hiyo,ran,chiyo and shuzuka
hiyo-Embryo,ran-sport,chiyo-rule the world , shuzuka-drawing
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23 / F / Candyland!! Right...
Posted 2/14/08 , edited 2/15/08
Emiko, Ami, Kitana, Neehma, Maishi, Kanaka, and Mina-Michi.
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24 / F / Lil red dot
Posted 2/16/08 , edited 2/17/08
Chara name:Hibi
Ability: Singing ; able to control ppl emotions with her songs.
Personality: Likes flowers. Sweet, helpful and sensative. Bright and cheerful and tends to smile alot.

This is my chara. ^^

Posted 2/22/08 , edited 2/22/08
Chara Name :♥ღYukari Yuko ღ♥
Ability : Can Synchronized With It's Guardian ...

Chara Looks :
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24 / F / Lil red dot
Posted 2/25/08 , edited 2/26/08
Weee......I wanna to give a more detailed one for my chara...

Charas: Hibi and Mai
Hibi :-
Power: Singing; able to infulence others thoughts and feelings through the songs.
Special power: Soul song - people who hear her the song will come under some sort of trance.
Chara become: Chara nari into Sunflower Bloom
Charm point: Tattoo - the butterfly tattoo on the back of the left hand will change into a sun flower.
Personality: Sweet, cheerful, kind and sensative.
Likes: Flowers of all kinds! ^^

Mai :- (new chara. ^^)
Power: Dancing; a very good dancer that can dance almost any dance
Special power: Dance beat - Dance of the flowers: Petals will surrond her as she dances, can be beautiful or deadly as the petals can be used to attack ppl.
- Dance of the wind: Swirling wind, ranging from breeze to tornado will come out from where she dances. can be destructive.
- Dance of the earth: Cause mini earthquakes with each step she takes.
Chara become: Chara nari into Rose Bloom
Charm point: Tattoo - the butterfly tattoo on the back of the left hand will change into a dark red colour in the shape of a rose.
Personality: Brash, outspoken, sometimes insensative but means well, opstismistic and always on the go.
Likes: Moving! As long as she doesn't stay still for a minute.
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23 / F / Inside a Hearts'...
Posted 2/28/08 , edited 2/28/08
[first chara]

Ame - Blue long hair with a rain drop clip on her head, she wears a blue sweater and a mini-skirt. She can control rain and and water. She can do "Become Character" with me which is Droplet Rain. Weapen is Rain Wand. A wand that is like a rain drop comes out. Special move is Rain Drop. Water drops comes out of the wand to make the enemy lose its energy.

[second chara]

Kumi - tied in two ponytails that goes down with a musical note on her head like this ♫. She wears a long pink kimono. Kumi can sing,control peoples' voices and can talk with instuments.She can do "Chara Become" with me which is "Musical Flair". Weapen is Music Color. A flute that can talk and when play it, colors will come out and surround the enemy with colors while they adore the colors and it will be a big chance to attack but it only works depending on how u feel. u must be happy and have strong feelings to make this attack work
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24 / F / Behind The Big As...
Posted 3/1/08 , edited 3/1/08
Erm.. I'll be detailed >_>
Name: Gin And Lin


Gin: She's Actully the tomboyish self of Cherry: Tough, Unhonest, and quite the fiery girl. Though the good point about him is that she cares for the people around himself, yes that includes you too Lin.
Lin: The girly... side of Cherry. She LOVES fashion. Honestly this guy is always picking out the best outfits for Ame: girly goth punk ones. There are time where Lin can sometimes be disturbing.... after all she can just act like a guy then turn into a seriously... angry chara.
Chara Says:
Gin: "Pin. Point. Shoot!"
Lin: "Lace. Ribbon. Thread!"
Gin: Black with a red Cross on it.
Lin" Black with white Lace along the side.
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27 / F / シンガポール
Posted 3/4/08 , edited 3/4/08
basically this is my character with power of controlling snow and ice when i am small but i am still human la just that i from the age of 2 got power and was send to the wizard skool but graduated at age of 6

name of chara: crystal
power: (tranform into a romantic girl that attack enemy by playing wizard instruments such as grand piano, flute,clarinet,volin and cello
after tranforming:

name of chara
power: can let me tranform into a girl in black with the power of controling butterfly and human heart but this power might sometime change into a devil spell that cannot be control although the power are strong.
after tranforming:

name of chara: chris
power: allow me to tranform into a girl with wings that strong at attack from sky and water

after tranforming:

other chara will be produce unless i haf other wish hehe
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31 / F
Posted 3/4/08 , edited 3/4/08

((It's my original artwork. I'm still going to CG her. She needs to be colored too.xD))

That's my first shugo chara, Foreteller. She foretells the future with water as her medium. She is also able to control any body of water. She loves to be around waterfalls and springs.

As to character transformations, I haven't done it with her yet. My second shugo chara is still in her egg form. I'm waiting for her to hatch.
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24 / F / California
Posted 3/6/08 , edited 3/7/08

[First Chara]
Color: Red
Isamu - courageous
Symbol: Fire

[Second Chara]
Color: Blue
Kenji - Intelligence
Symbol : Water Drop

[Third Chara]
Color : Green
Hayate - Respectful
Symbol : Wind

[Fourth Chara]
Color : Yellow
Iwao - Strong
Symbol : Rock

[Fifth Chara}
Color : Purple
Hekireki - Confident
Symbol : Thunder Bolt

[Sixth Chara]
Color : Light Blue
Yuki - Creative
Symbol : Snow Flake
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31 / F
Posted 3/9/08 , edited 3/9/08
my charas (not gonna go into detail):

and since charas are supposed to be our "would-be selves".....



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24 / F / Warcraft 3 world :P
Posted 3/14/08 , edited 3/15/08
Shugo Chara! My little ''would be'' self is here!

1) Yuki-chan!
2) Yukari-chan!
3) Yuri-chan!
Sorry! No picture right now! forgot to take pictures of them!
Personalities and stuffs.

Personality: Cute,Sweet,funny,a little devilish.
Abilities: Sings with her powers. This power depends on her emotion.(Ex:Happy:Defense Angry: Attack Sad: Attack and defense)
Her story: I was a young girl who has been abandoned by her family. But soon she realized that happens because she was just a copy of her other sisters, Yukari and Yuri(they shared the same fate as her so same thing). She realized that she has the power to sing beautifully and gain the power to become a Shugo Chara.
Egg appearance: Blue notes(You every play music? The notes to play the music.)

2) Yukari-chan:
Personality: Cute,Sweet,funny and TOO DEVILISH.
Abilities: Creativity. Use her powers to automatically do anything successfully.
Her story: I was a child that was borned sick. No one could cure me. So that's why my family threw me out along with my sisters(Yuki and Yuri). Soon, I figured I cured myself with a little power I believed in. Those powers made me become a shugo chara.
Egg appearance: Yellow star egg.

3) Yuri-chan:
Personality: Cute,Sweet and calm.
Abilities: Unknown. Powers are never used.
Her story: I was a young, weak girl. I had been bullied by those kids who hated my hair color. My parents threw my sisters(Yuki and Yukari) out for that reason. I became a Shugo Chara because my powers had suddenly turned me a guardian Chara so I have no idea what powers I have.
Egg Appearance: A Red ?

Pictures: Yuki: Chibi form

Chara Change Form:

Yukari: Chibi form
Chara Change form:

Yuri: Chibi form
Chara Change form:
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26 / F / the land of cupca...
Posted 3/20/08 , edited 3/20/08
name: Yui
good at: music
personality: shy, quiet, gets really angry when she wants to.
looks like:
after transformation:

name: Kana
good at: art
personality: cute, sweet, can get loud at times
looks like:
after transformation:
Posted 3/21/08 , edited 3/21/08
Charas' Name: Miki and Suu

Looks Like: and
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