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Post Reply who should be with rukia?
Posted 12/12/09 , edited 12/12/09
Well ... love may be one word, but love itself has many forms in which the human heart can shape it. Ichigo may have never had a girlfriend before, but his mother was still a person that he gave his whole heart to, but when a person (of any age) allows someone to be that close to them it can bring them great joy, but ..... if for reasons outside of that person's control (such as death, murder, unfaithfulness, etc ...) causes them to lose that person ...... well .... that's a pain so great that it can change a person forever and even if the person can over come that pain .... it is one they will never forget or wish to feel again. I think that is why people like Ichigo are so quick to rush to the aid of their friends, but at the same time allowing them to only get so close to him.
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Posted 1/31/11 , edited 2/1/11
I think Ichigo should be with Rukia.
They are PERFECT for each other!
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