Izetta and Finé

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Posted 10/26/16 , edited 10/27/16
I'm really enjoying the series so far. This was my most anticipated series of the Fall 2016 season, and it does not disappoint so far. Personally, I consider the relationship between Izetta and Finé to be a major highlight of the series, and I'm glad I saw the promotional material involving them because it is living up to it. As I said in my review, you can easily get Yuri vibes between the two, especially since they were childhood friends.

Finé has a stronger personality with a strong will and sense of right and wrong. Finé understands her position as a princess who proves to have skills in politics and strategy to an extent. Finé is the type that will not overly rely on people, but she also isn't the type to do things completely on her own either. Finé is a character who will make contributions.

Izetta understandably has a weaker personality which is easily a reflection of her upbringing and not really feeling like she has a place in the world. While Finé has been somewhat of an emotional crutch to Izetta, Izetta is not completely dependent on her. As seen in Episode Three, Izetta proves to be capable of making her own decisions. She is willing to put her life on the line for her friend/possible love interest. She knows how to use her magic, and she quickly proves to be a force to be reckoned with.

Neither character is helpless, and I hope it stays that way. Even if one of them does get captured again, that does not necessarily take it down, especially since male characters get captured as well. It all depends on how it is executed.
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