Captain Division Job..
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32 / M / Singapore jurong
Posted 2/13/08 , edited 2/13/08
Each captain has in own job.. i only know a few.. example

1 - ?
2 - ?
3 - ?
4 - Healing
5 - ?
6 - ?
7 - ?
8 - ?
9 - ?
10 - Protect the world?
11 - Warrior
12 - researcher

how about the rest?
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28 / M / Rubbish Society
Posted 2/13/08 , edited 2/13/08
no. 1 is to give order to the rest

no 2 is to protect soul society ( they are the police )

no 3 is to betray soul society

no 5 is to betray soul society

no 6 is to follow orders

no 7 is who?

no 8 is to woo girls

no 9 is to betray soul society

no 13 is to keep falling sick ( he does exist.. dun neglect him )
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M / Somewhere.....
Posted 2/13/08 , edited 2/13/08
No.1 does body building. And basically make the big decisions.

No.2 runs the Secret mobile Corps. Basically a bunch of ninja-look-alike

No.3 is to keep smiling. And he's gone.

No.4 is the captain of Relief Team, or Soul Society Paramedics.

No.5 puts hair gel in his hands. And write fake last wills.

No.6....... He enforces rules and don't break them.

No.7.....Dog-face...I mean he tries to protect our No.1 old man......

No.8..... A slacker. He does not have anything to do except to slack.

No.9..... He enforces "justice".

No.10..... Some prodigy...... working in place of No.5....doing paperwork.

No.11...... Fight and Fight and Fight. And laughs when he's cut. Man that's real Emo.

No.12..... Conduct weird researches and experiments. And modifying his own body(I guess)

No.13...... Trying to get better and resting all the time.
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26 / M / Behind u!
Posted 2/13/08 , edited 2/13/08
Well i donot know their exact duties, but i know that each division has a symbol...and these symbol's must represent sumthing or the other.
The 1st Division Flower: Chrysanthemum- Truth and Innocence.

The 2nd Division Flower: Tulip- Seek nothing.

The 3rd Division Flower: Marigold- Despair.

The 4th Division Flower: Bellflower- Those who grieve are loved.

The 5th Division Flower: Lily-of-the-Valley- Sacrifice, Danger, Hypocrite

The 6th Division Flower: Camellia- Nobility, Offensive,.

The 7th Division Flower: Iris- Courage.

The 8th Division Flower: Bird of Paradise flower- Everything is obtained from love

The 9th Division Flower: Buttercup- Oblivion, Pureness, Justice Seeker.

The 10th Division Flower: Daffodil- Mystery, Protector.

The 11th Division Flower: Yarrow- To Fight.

The 12th Division Flower: Thistle- Vengeance, Strictness, Independence.

The 13th Division Flower: Summer Snowflake- Hope.

Their Duties according to the symbols would be

The 1st Division Flower: To lead, Make decision and give orders.

The 2nd Division Flower: takes a strong moral stand and believes in following orders

The 3rd Division Flower: To betray

The 4th Division Flower: To heal and assist

The 5th Division Flower: To Kill the soul society king

The 6th Division Flower: To Attack anything that disturbs soul society with Power and Pride

The 7th Division Flower: To be a dog headed shinigami and maintain peace. Plus help Old Man Yamamoto to be safe...[he constantly seen hanging out in the No.1 HQ]

The 8th Division Flower: To Have constant affair with the ladies and sleep.

The 9th Division Flower: To follow the path with the least bloodshed

The 10th Division Flower: To protect any unusual activity on earth

The 11th Division Flower: To Fight like an animal

The 12th Division Flower: To invent and research

The 13th Division Flower: to use his knowledge and investigate.

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Posted 2/13/08 , edited 2/13/08

darklonerr wrote:

how about the rest?

use this thread

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