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Racism & America-the pink elephant in the room
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Posted 11/13/07 , edited 11/14/07
all are made the same............
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Posted 11/13/07 , edited 11/14/07
Why must the people be slaves in the mind a use the N word as a greeting and what not, as a community, nothing positive will come from it, and your pretty much setting up the next generations to be embodiment of the N word, which would be IGNORANT FOOLS
Posted 11/16/07 , edited 11/17/07
Ture the N word should not be used in fact i should take it of my profile and try to use it less but its not so easy to stop when ur family and friends use it.(btw im black)
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Posted 3/4/08 , edited 3/5/08

SeraphAlford wrote:

Take it from somebody who lives in Oklahoma. Rednecks are not to blame for racism. MTV and rappers are. I’ve been to Redneck City Texas, and you know what they hate about blacks? The fact that blacks can call us white trash but we can’t say the N word. The fact that blacks say Red Neck all the time but people jump down our throats just for saying “Blacks” It’s “African American” now. But whites are still white, or Red Necks, or White Trash, or Crackers.

Some lady came on Oprah the other day. She had written a book called, “Female Chauvinist Pigs.” (Of course its not about women being sexist towards men, that would have never been on Oprah in a million years. Oprah is great, but let’s face it, she’s sexist.) The book discussed how women, particularly African American women had created an image for themselves. You know those jigling butt dancers in the back ground of the rap videos? Their job description is “Video Ho.” According to the book the reason men were so perverted these days, why they cheated, why our society was full of pigs, is because women dress like sluts. Women go out, without realizing their doing it, and make themselves look like tools for sex.

It’s the same with racism in America. The stereotypes formed here were not created out of thin air. Most of them are encouraged by black music stars, and the general black population. I’m not black, but if I were I’d shoot 50 cent just for making all blacks look like criminals.

Of course it’s stupid to assume all blacks are like this. I’ve known plenty of African-Americans who are good citizens and instill values in their children. They don’t say the N word and they don’t refer to Caucasians as Crackers, Red Necks, or White Trash.

There was an episode of The Boondocks that strangely had a good message to it. In this episode Martin Luther King Jr. Came back and saw what had become of the black community. He was appalled and called them all Ners. He said they had made themselves into just that. Watch the episode, I think they may actually have it here on CR.

The point was an Ner isn’t a black person. It’s somebody who encourages the image of being one. Who refers to themselves as an Ner and goes out and makes all blacks look like criminals. These people should be shafted. They are to blame for racism against all African Americans.

You sick of racism? Then shape up and lead by example. That’s my advice to everyone in the black community. A few have already begun to do it, but this modicum of people are so negligible when placed next to the general masses that they’re not making any difference. If I were them I would be ticked…


Applecri wrote:

Yeah, everything's been said already.
But are WE trying to change things?

Also, think about why African Americans are stereotyped as 'gangsta criminals' it goes way back when they were not given equal opportunities so many lived in poverty and turned to crime to support themselves etc. so basically there should be a focus on providing education even to the poor of the country, and starting from there.

Honestly, black stereotypical jokes are getting boring- and lame.

That's a bunch of bull. Like I said, I've been to Red Neck City in Texas, (look up a small town called Higgins.) If you talk to those people they know nothing of history. They're ignorant, remember? I've talked with these people and they have monotonous opinions. The stereotype comes from rappers, MTV, and the general black population.

Also, somebody talked about using the word "White." Umm, take a look at me. I'm just like that crayon...

Anyway, I don't see anything wrong with the terms "black" or "white" as long as they are not used in a derogatory manor. I think of them as descriptive terms. “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves,” for example, was not a racial slur on whites. (Or dwarves…) It’s like “Fat” and “Skinny” Everyone gets mad at me for calling somebody fat, but for me I’m just describing somebody. It may be an exaggerating metaphor, Africans are dark skinned like black coal, but I think it’s the intent behind the word that matters.

I was discussing this topic with a rather mature black youth. He told me that he thinks people should be able to say the N word, that what mattered is how they say it. The N word is just a word. Cracker is just a word. What matters is the meaning given from the speaker.

I don’t know that I necessarily agree with him on that, but the theme is the same. His attitude towards the N word is the same as mine toward “White” and “Black.” Of course this is all my opinion…

See this truthfulness people. The obvious is stated and the truth that the U.S. is probably the back door bitch racist of all the world. Just for the Record Seraph call me nigga any time.

If your curious to as I said go to page 2 or 3 niggas... chop chop... and stop saying N- word like a bunch of suck up asses. I actually encourage the use of words. When the fuck was the 1st amendment dis-owning everyones freedom of speech.
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