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Crunchyroll Now on FireTV!

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F / Omaha, NE
Posted 12/31/18 , edited 1/1/19
It looks like CR stopped supporting the FireTV app because it’s no longer listed as a supported platform.

I just tried to sign on it CR is telling me that my username is unverified. I’ve had this account for years.
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Posted 1/1/19 , edited 1/1/19
That's curious.App listing still shows last update was 2018-09-05 / version varies by device. Also shows screenshots of both the normal and TV form, and offers to send it to either of my Fire TVs, and pretty much everything but my old Kindle HDX.
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27 / M
Posted 1/7/19 , edited 1/7/19
I’m using this on my Fire TV Stick 4K, but there are two things which are bothering me:
* The interfece looks like being optimized for touch, hides much of the screen and sometimes even subtitles
* When I pause and continue the app always shows the loading spinner for some time first. But that should already be bufferend and the web player also buffers a lot more than the app.

Compared to the web player it gives me a hard time using it. I pause all the time, I can’t read the subtitles and see what’s happening on the screen at the same time.
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