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Crunchyroll Now on FireTV!

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Posted 12/31/19 , edited 12/31/19
thank you so much! just had the problem after setting up the fire stick and it sorted it out
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Posted 4/24/20 , edited 4/24/20

asharka wrote:

lmn5151 wrote:

I tried it again several times within the past week. It's not really working at all though. It says I'm logged in, but my queue and history are "empty". I tried to logout, but "logout failed". All it displays under "Anime" is 6 or so popular titles--no way to load more or anything else.

So, it's currently useless.

One very annoying thing I have found is that if I do not exit the app via the "back" button when I am done watching something, and leave power applied to the FTV, it will eventually say "your session has expired" when I go back to it, and then my queue will be empty. That even happens sometimes if I press the main home key to get directly out of the CR app, and then go back in later.

Maybe something similar happened to you?

Sometimes all I need to do is to do a full power restart and it comes back working.

Occasionally though, I still have to do things the messy way. From the main FTV "home" screen, go to "settings", then to "applications", then down to "Manage Installed Applications". Scroll down to the CR app, select it, then "Clear Data" and "Clear Cache".

That logs me out, so then I need to go back to the main home screen again, select the CR app, and go to settings within the CR app this time and re-enter the id and password, and then it seems to work again.

Thank you, this worked for me
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Posted 8/23/20 , edited 9/20/20
There is a new version on FireTV - DO NOT UPDATE TO IT. HERE BE DRAGONS!
Specifically, it is abominably slow and crashes every time you go back to its home screen after watching something.

On the plus side, it seems as if the selection of available shows has increased. At least (for me in the UK), seasons that were not available to me in the old orange version of the app are now available in the purple/black new one.
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Posted 9/5/20 , edited 9/5/20
I've had the same issues as demeisen and going through the whole process of clearing data and logging back in for one episode and doing it over and over to continue watching is ridiculous. Why is CR not fixing bugs in their system. at this point I might as well drop my subscription since I can't watch shows on their airdate because I can't get app to load or I have to go through the whole clear data and or uninstall the app and reinstall it for every episode! This is the only app that has issue on my fire stick!
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Posted 9/5/20 , edited 9/5/20
I am having the same issues with my fire stick app as johnbugg. I am about to cancel my subscription. I am not paying for a premium subscription just to have this type of issue. Please fix the fire stick app quickly. It is the only reason why I got a subscription in the first place. The subscription does me no good without the fire stick app.
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Posted 9/6/20 , edited 9/7/20
I am also having issues with the new version of the app. The redesign is a huge improvement, but sometimes it simply won't load and requires uninstalling and reinstalling the app. The Fire TV app is the only way I watch Crunchyroll, so if this isn't fixed soon I'll have to cancel my subscription.
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Posted 1/18/21 , edited 1/18/21
On my way to cancel my subscription, this is horrible as i pay to stream it on my TV but I can't watch more than 15 seconds. I've waited long enough for a fix so I guess it will be back to stream from other sites. It's been a blast but the customer service side has dropped the ball here.
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Posted 22 days ago , edited 22 days ago
The new app can't seem to keep a session very long. It kicks me out if I don't use the app after X amount of days (I'll need to do more testing). It's quite frustrating having to re-login every time I pull up the app if I don't log on for like a week or two.
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Posted 21 days ago , edited 21 days ago
Are they ever going to fix this hot garbage? Literally all it does since day 1 of the update is crash after ~20 seconds of any viewing. Reinstallation does nothing. I was able to get through 2 minutes and 28 seconds of an episode with only 7 crashes today.

Fix this hot garbage or roll it back already, it has been literally nonfunctional since August. 8 months.

No other app does this, Amazon says it is just crunchyroll that is having this problem. Crunchyroll support's only solution is reinstallation. No resolution.

It's time to accept defeat and roll it back to a useable state.
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Posted 10 days ago , edited 10 days ago
Please please please fix this app. I currently have to use the VRV fire app b/c the crunchyroll app doesn't work. Well to be fair it 'works' but it stops every episode I try and watch every 30 seconds. If more information is needed please let us know. I can dump the error logs from the fire stick and cube and send them in.
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