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What are some things in anime that you dislike?

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Posted 7/4/17 , edited 7/11/17

MadeDragon wrote:

laptop_ron wrote:

MadeDragon wrote:

laptop_ron wrote:

Nosebleeds when seeing naked girls. I never even understood this one and it's extremely annoying.

There's erectile tissue in the nose, so that can actually happen (although it's obviously rare IRL.)

Thank you for the explanation. Now, I wish it was as rare in anime as it was in IRL. Though to be fair, I don't see as much of it as I used to.

C.F. The snot bubble (for sleeping), I'm fine when it's just a visual indicator. When it impacts on the plot (someone rocket launching from the bleeding) it gets old quickly.

Yeah, I'd forgotten the snot bubble, and the snot drip where it just hangs out of the character's nose. Great, now I've grossed myself out.

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29 / F / SC
Posted 7/4/17 , edited 7/11/17

there's a reason my anime-watch/ed list is always so small

pretty much everything already mentioned..
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25 / M / 45011
Posted 7/4/17 , edited 7/5/17
No more high school settings.

More fleshed out MCs. I don't know how many times I've seen an anime where it seems the MC just has things happen to them but never really does anything to move the plot forward, but just ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Via accidental groping or a sneak peek of the goods and then all of a sudden he's helpless and ends up a pinata. Like seriously, is the MC not aloud to stand his ground or something.

More dynamic environments. There's quite a few anime out there where the background is lifeless.

If the anime is a harem romance, for crying out loud don't make the MC dense. We don't want to wait until episode like 9 or 10 for shit to start coming together only to not conclude on the 12th or 13th episode of an anime that won't get a second season.

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F / New York
Posted 7/4/17 , edited 7/23/17
Female characters that have the intelligence, effectiveness, demeanor and voice of a squeaky toy.
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20 / F / US
Posted 7/4/17 , edited 7/11/17
hate ecchi harem tbh
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46 / M / Corpus Christi, T...
Posted 7/7/17 , edited 7/11/17
Anime characters rarely talk to each other.

Yeah, I understand dramatic tension, cultural differences, teenage drama, and the fact that emotions get in the way, but it seems like the majority of problems anime characters have could be solved with an honest, calm conversation between the key players.

Now, such conversations sometimes/eventually do take place in these shows, but it's always after the characters fight a war or win the tournament or pull off the talent show or save each others' lives or do some other huge thing before they can be bothered to do something as normal as sit down and talk.

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32 / F / Maine
Posted 7/7/17 , edited 7/11/17
-Filler episodes
-Repetitive flashbacks
-Anime that is overly pervy.
-Annoying characters
-Insinuated or actual rape scenes
-The nosebleed euphemism for sexual arousal
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27 / M / Simi Valley, CA
Posted 7/7/17 , edited 7/11/17

Shipwright wrote:

I'm curious what kind of things fellow anime fans dislike in anime. This could be anything ranging from entire genres that you don't care for to specific troupes that immediately make you not want to finish the show.

For example, I don't like many harem/reverse-harem anime series. There are some good ones, but it seems like most have a stagnant plot that just repeats every episode with a different love interest and the consistently boring protagonist. As soon as I see that an anime series falls into the harem/reverse-harem category, I am reluctant to watch it.

So, what are some things that make you cringe when you see them in anime?

(I searched around a bit and didn't find a thread exactly like this one.)

Good topic.

I'm not into an anime that sexualizes children. I'm so glad they didn't do it to the little girl in High School of the Dead.

I don't mind fan service especially when it is done right like High School of the Dead and Keijo!!!!!! Those were fun and laughable to watch in a good way.

I don't like how men aren't as sexualized as women. Girls boobs bounce when running so why don't the guys junk bounce when they run in certain clothing? Why are all males buffed up but look like they lack genitals? No bulged outline or hint in pants or shorts but with women I can see the outline of the genitals beneath clothing.

But that's me.

Oh yeah and it sucks how we have to wait a whole year after the anime's release for home video :/
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37 / M / SoFlo
Posted 7/7/17 , edited 7/11/17
Cut away to glass with ice. Ice clanks together.
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M / Mega-City One
Posted 7/7/17 , edited 7/7/17

zangeif123 wrote:

Cut away to glass with ice. Ice clanks together.

Yeah, that's right up there with twin contrails...
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29 / M / St.Louis
Posted 7/10/17 , edited 7/11/17
plot armor
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27 / F / India
Posted 7/11/17 , edited 7/11/17
pacing problems,
bad story telling,
excessive fan service, done in a gross, creepy, in ur face way, instead of a classy, subtle way at appropriate times,
series running forever without plot movement,
modern anime- too clean animation,
bad music,
bad animation,
bad villains,
bad heroes,
messed up philosophies,
perverse stuff,
main characters with bad personality,
romanticizing rape and a casual, humorous attitude about it,
over the top ness in every aspect- be it jokes, gags, plot lines, fan service, character philosophy, personality, weirdness,
annoying fans(not all of them- but many),
explaining/ talking between fights,
bland and boring characters,
bad dubs,
no animax in india,
INCONSISTENT Tone and Pacing,
banal/cliched messages, messed up messages,
women are accessories,
girls beating up guys is shown to be okay. why? it is just as wrong as guys hitting girls.
protagonists r jerks and people r crazy about them....?
incest or incest undertones
unnecessary gay undertones where they r not needed.

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42 / M / America
Posted 7/11/17 , edited 7/11/17

Golden_Warrior wrote:

Extreme amounts of gore - Everyone like to see conflict and fighting but when the gore is too much it can subtract from what the series is trying to do.

Oversexualized characters (ex: the classic oversized boobs) - This happens to many characters regardless of age, but sometimes the 'fan service' is overdone to where that's the only thing the anime is about so that can be a problem. There's nothing wrong with making characters look good (everyone just this, not just anime), but when it's just over done and all you're doing is looking at the characters and ignoring what the anime is about, it's too much IMO.

Groping - If it's by accident, and the guy who accidentally grabbed the girl's boob gets immediately punched so hard he goes into orbit, it's funny. If that's all the series is where it's all the time, then it's not funny, no guy can be that clumsy without wanting to be. Also if it's a situation where the girl 'has to put up with it' for what ever reason, I won't stand for it.

The fact that you see the 'groping' trope over and over again, makes me wonder about the anime creators having some fetish or the audience just eats that up for some reason? It's not even erotic the way it's shown. It's just stupid.
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70 / M
Posted 7/11/17 , edited 7/11/17
I don't like the trope where the girls are all the time hitting/beating up the guy, especially when they walk in when the guy is doing something like changing his clothes.

The trope where the girl trips or otherwise makes contact with the ground and ends up with her underwear showing. The all-time poster child for this is Najika Blitz, where just about every single female ends up that way.
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M / Hessen, Germany
Posted 7/11/17 , edited 7/12/17
- Spineless, pathetic cowards masquerading as protagonist. Take a chance, will ya?

- Last-minute cockblocking.

- Girls beating up boys for the crime of having eyes and using them.
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