Warhammer 40k: 8th Edition

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Posted 6/11/17 , edited 6/11/17
I'm actually looking forward to this edition since GW is reworking the whole game and their system in general.
-no more codices and everybody is getting updated, so a more balanced game hopefully since we won't have to deal with 'using an out-dated codex from a previous edition'; with the new index books looking vastly superior.
-super space marines, so SM made by using multiple gene-seeds from different chapters to make better marines (plus better tech).
-new factions (but most likely just off shots of existing factions)
-timeline is going to move forward
-going to borrow some elements from AoS
-etc etc etc
...yea it seems like we are going to be getting alot of stuff in this "new" WH40k.

Also new box set with Super Space Marines vs Death Guard
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