Thoughts and review about e3 this year?
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Posted 6/13/17 , edited 6/14/17
Kind of disappointing this year, sony and ubisoft made up for that though sony as usual had the best presentation and brilliant games they are bringing out i was hoping rockstar was going to make a rare appearance to talk about thew new red dead game which im really looking forward to

xbox was very disappointing like they seriously releasing yet another console like really let people catch up and that xbox x console yes the graphics and things are damn brilliant so realistic but the price of the console really pathetic and the whole 4k thing you need a 4k tv to fully enjoy it and how many people at the moment own one? not many so you need to spend out for not just a new console but a new tv just to get the whole 4k experience so you are nearly paying nearly $1000 before you even buy any games again next issue at least sony has gave the ps4 time to grow and release new games for that console the xbox x only a handful of games for it and in 4k

the only good thing to come out of the xbox presentation was the backwards compactability for original xbox games which is amazing there are a lot of great old xbox games i would love to play again
Posted 6/13/17 , edited 6/14/17
Well for the most part I only watched people reviewing and giving their feedback upon these presentations as the only actual presentation I watched live was sony's as the others I didn't really care to watch.

For Xbox I didn't see the whole thing but I didn't care too much for it as I don't really care for xbox. The new console is powerful and neat but obviously its going to be expensive at first and the whole 4k thing is a bit annoying since you do need a 4k tv but can't be helped.

Ubisoft I didn't see much of at all so can't say if its good or not but I heard it went well.

Nintendo had some neat games and I'm glad a new kirby is being made even if I don't plan on getting a switch anytime soon.

Bethesda I don't care for at all but from the people I watched reviewing their presentation it didn't seem to go well for them so can't say if its good or not but I can say as far as I can tell it was meh.

And then Sony was okay. Seeing monster hunter come to ps4 is neat and if its multiplayer certainly going to be a fun game to play with friends. And the shadow of colossus remake is neat. While I never played the original just seeing the colossus is really cool. Other than that not too interested in the other games. I mean maybe destiny 2 is cool but not much new there.

I'd say the best presentation as far as I can tell would be either nintendo or sony. Mostly just because I don't really care too much for the others and what they had to offer.

Also fishing in VR with FFXV had me laughing as I thought it was a joke but seems its an actual thing so who knows how well that is going to go.
Posted 6/15/17 , edited 6/16/17
I didn't know why but before the E3 started I knew it was going to be bad I acutally hardly watched the others the only one I saw was that failure of a garbage Xbox Conference..

I mean where do I even start it was a mess almost an entire 1 hour with something minutes of multiplatform games, times exclusives that Microsoft brilliantly "GAG!!" hid with the word "LAUNCH".....

Another useless console with nothing to show to make up for buying it unless you are a full out Xbox fanboy I mean.. why is it there? it does not even deserve to exist the console pushes 4K which will be laughable cause one thing is for sure they are hyping the 4K train with this console but with 6Tflops I don't think it will do much maybe 4K 30 and 1800P it wont do 4K native 60FPS if that was there true purpose for the box it should have had at least 12Tflops but again this is something that is up to the developers themselves.

The only thing I liked about the Xbox was Original Xbox support that's it.

As for the others I didn't watch them but I saw list of the games that were announced and I sure didn't miss much.

I didn't fully bother with E3 this year I wasn't fully happy with what I saw, the only thing I want that was on E3 was Frycry 5 but then again it was shown on YouTube a while ago
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Posted 6/16/17 , edited 6/17/17
Vampyr, X Com 2 DLC, and Life Is Strange prequel, i'm pretty happy with E3 now,

Even though I'm on edge about the LiS prequel hoping they don't go full lesbian with it.
I'm already dissapointed they changed VA's.
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Posted 6/17/17 , edited 6/17/17
Um let's see. Didn't really get a chance to watch any of the conferences.

Microsoft brought the heat with a new console but doused that flame the moment they said the price. Yeah it's great value but compared to PCs but there needed to be more reasons to get one other than having better resolution and framerates. Xbox BC is cool. Not much else, just a lot if multiplats I can get on PS4.

Sony knows what they show us about. Games. They had them. They announced more sales numbers to get people excited about the momentum. Keep being the games and they will come, because as a multimedia device you cannot beat the value it offers. It's really the second coming of the PS2.

Nintendo took the lid off 2 Metroid games gave release dates for all their upcoming games, teased a new Pokémon and kept up support for the 3DS. When it comes for first party games no one can beat their hype.

Overall I'd say Sony won because they just do what they also do. Fan favorites, surprises and a consistent message. "We'll get the best games because we have the most players" and it works.
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