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Posted 6/15/17 , edited 6/15/17
I expected to hate this one - because I read a review on it that summed it up as "Basketball loli's" and it wasn't exactly wrong - see I don't have a real problem with loli's in anime, they're cute after all and as long as it doesn't approach Kodomo no Jikan levels of creepiness it doesn't bug me, but I didn't expect that much from it, you know?

But honestly the characters are great. They all have their specific problems and in the second season once the 5th graders are introduced they have their conflicts - and i was genuinely entertaining to watch them overcome those. Heartwarming in some cases. They each kinda earn their place going from complete amateurs to being really good and overcome their fears and their hang-ups.

Then, the rivalries with the other teams, cheesy at times maybe, over the top aggression from a few of their opponents seemed a little out of place, but to t be honest I even enjoyed the "learning to respect each other through play" aspect as well.

I think it's a good anime, this one surprised me. I even found myself wanting to get a little emotional at a couple of the crying parts later in the anime, which I like. Didn't quite get me there, but I do love those moments.

Not a fan of basketball - but in anime it's can be quite good. Didn't expect to enjoy this when I started watching it, but you know, it's definitely worth watching both seasons. Lovable characters, heartwarming moments, a little mischief, no super-creeps (which I definitely expected Subaru to be, at first) and Aoi's little crush on him and her becoming the coach for the 5th graders, added an interesting dynamic. I thought Aoi's crush on Subaru was pretty adorable, almost as adorable as Tomoka's.

Anyone who's watched it have any thoughts on this one? It slipped under my radar cuz it's a sports anime, but I was glad I filled my terrabytes with anime I know nothing about, because I find some gems I genuinely enjoy.

tl;dr - please share your opinions if you've watched it! I had fun, and it left me with a smile. I would absolutely support another season of this - where they play in Middle School. I think it could turn into something great. Maybe not Haikyu level, but still lovely in it's own way.
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Posted 6/15/17 , edited 6/16/17
It's a cute show and I just adore Hinata.

Had a slight problems with SS!

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