Infinite Stratos Season 3 Petition!
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Posted 6/16/17 , edited 6/17/17
Since I couldn't find a proper place for this, I figured that it would mostly fall into this category.
Please senpai take a few seconds of your time to quickly sign this petition for a season 3 of Infinite Stratos.
To be realistic here, the chances of this working are small but even a small chance is worth it for true fans of this show!

In case you are wondering how you can get in touch with more fans of this show there is a reddit page especially for it (afraid that if I put the link here it might get taken down)

Thanks a million for your time, your signature & participation means a lot to me and other fans of this anime!
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Posted 6/16/17 , edited 6/18/17
Bro! Thank you so much for sharing this! It really means a lot! Warms my heart to see supporters like you!

Let's show them how much we want this!

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