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Atari is indeed working on a new console, says CEO
Posted 6/21/17 , edited 6/22/17
Its not one of those small remakes of consoles with old games on them, this is a Hardware Platform in other words its like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch or anything that runs a Operating System and can read its own formats etc.

Looks like Atari is now Option 4 along with the big 3.
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Posted 6/21/17 , edited 6/22/17

Rujikin wrote:

ad_arbitrium wrote:

^^^ seconded. that said, I am in the market for a PS2

You can install a PS2 emulator on PC and then play PS 2 games.

The only console I find worthy beside a PC is a Ps4 and that;s mainly for beautiful PS4 exclusive like Persona 5, Remastered Naughty Dog Games, and Remastered Quantic Dream games.

Sure Nintendo had Zelda but not worth a console for that 1 game my PS4 has added 8 remastered games for me to play that hasn't come out on PC and the only one I rerget is wasting my time on Beyond Two Souls.
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Posted 6/21/17 , edited 6/22/17

DukePersohne wrote:

The price tag for any game regardless of what platform is pricy. Xbox games usually cost like what... $50? Same price for PC games.. PS4 games cost $40 - $50? What's the difference?

While all you play on your PS4 and Xbox, I'm just gonna sit here and play my $5 PS2 game, because I don't have money to buy a new console. XD

DukePersohne wrote:

I was just guessing at the prices. They could be more than what I listed, but I wouldn't know because I don't go into game stores (unless they sell games for old consoles).

so which one is it ?

so the only difference you can come up is the price of games ?
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Posted 6/26/17 , edited 6/27/17
If Atari does a good job this time I can see them being 4th place right underneath Nintendo, in order too compete against the big 3.

Now if they want to do this especially with their record and let this console be their saving grace. This Atari box doesn't need to be as powerful or more powerful then the Xbox One X, if it's just as powerful as the base PS4 I'm sure the system will do fine. I will buy it as long as they make it a console that does the job of a console.

Here's my list of bullet points on what I think the Atari Box needs to be successful and stay in 4th place because they are definitely not going too steal the Nintendo Switch's spot in sales or Nintendo's position in the big 3!

• first the Atari box needs to match current gen specs but not all the way base PS4 level power is fine.
• Don't make it an emulator box that plays old Atari games if it is a full fledged console that plays classics then that's a bonus
• win the trust of Bethesda get Wolfenstein 2 and Elder Scrolls on the console.
• The Atari Box should have appealing first person shooters and racing games
• recruit indie developers
•Atari box doesn't need to support VR they should play it safe as a standard console with not too many gimmicks in order to be appealing to the majority of gamers.
• A Minecraft port
• Fire all their current first party software development team and reorganize the entire company's staff and management to get good first party titles made by themselves that look appealing and better then what they used to make.

If they do all this I think the Atari Box can turn their fortunes around.
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