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Posted 6/20/17 , edited 6/20/17
This game is actually an exercise in empathy. Post something calculated to appeal to the previous contributor, which falls within the spectrum of your interests or tastes.

There are no ratings here. Music, film, visual art, gaming and fashion are welcome, as are relatively unknown clubs, gatherings or social causes. The only requirement is that it be something you dig and think the last poster will too..

Please provide context such as a picture or simple description with your links.

How to play: If you post this

Then I might post something like this

To which you might reply

So then I go

^^^ *the dropdown tabs are not required, they are only there to keep this post under eleven stories in keeping with local zoning codes

The one and only rule is that we Keep it Funky
Posted 7/19/17 , edited 7/20/17
okay I'll start.

Soooo I like H3H3's Youtube channel.

Here's one of their videos


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