Anime/manga/characters/genres you'd like to compare and contrast
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Posted 6/21/17 , edited 6/21/17
In my case, it's super robots and real robots. Similar to how Madoka Magica and Kill la Kill are two different interpretations of magical girls, or Log Horizon and Sword Art Online being two different interpretations of the MMORPG experience, super robots and and real robots are essentially like two sides of the same coin.

Super robots defy the laws of physics, real robots abide to them. Super robots are near invincible and are literal Deus ex Machinas. Real robots are fragile, realistic pieces of military/utilitarian equipment. Super robots are dumb male power fantasies aimed at kids. Real robots are social commentary on the nature and reality of warfare aimed at adults.

And, I can't forget about my first exposures to the two different subgenres of mecha, as well: Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and its Megazord representing super robots, and New Mobile Report Gundam Wing and its five/six Gundams representing real robots. The Megazord being this semi-superhero that screws over the laws of physics just to defeat each monster of the week, similar to the very Power Rangers who pilot it. The Gundams, on the other hand, just being realistic and more delicate pieces of military equipment that happen to be made out of a fictional metal that makes them stronger than most of the OZ mobile suits they'd destroy on a regular basis.

Which series, characters, or genres do you enjoy comparing and contrasting, and why?
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