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Post Reply Why does CR still have issues
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Posted 6/29/17 , edited 6/29/17

Demonskid wrote:

fredreload wrote:

MysticGon wrote:

CR is punching way above it's weight. 1 million paid subscribers, probably around 10-15 million hammering away at the servers weekly. Host a lot of videos they have to buy the rights for.

They get $84 million a year from subscribers, who knows how much they get from advertisers. Subtract from that payroll etc., lawyer fees, taxes and licensing fees and you probably don't have a whole lot to spend on servers. They aren't Netflix or Hulu, they sure as hell ain't Google.

Personally I think CR should start selling videos, if it's the newest one with a reasonable price I'll pay for it. I'd feel bad for my wallet though

They do now. On steam you can buy the CR subs.Once bought, they never expire! Forever yours to keep. =) (the selection is small right now though)

I haven't had problems with the apps, but the website itself I can't watch anything off of it. In the forums, news section the site lags so bad and when I try to go to watch videos, no go. Which is why I love the Win 10 app.. =w= after I updated my internet speeds, I haven't had any problems with any of the apps.

I can't find Re: Zero for some reason, is it region specific? I'd probably get the collectibles like Madoka Magica . They'll need to build a reputation though
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Posted 6/29/17 , edited 6/29/17

CrackedLCD wrote:

I can certainly understand why people are upset when they pay good money and get so many technical issues. The CR Android app is going through a real problem at the moment where lots of people are having the audio jump back 2-15 seconds and the picture freezes, it's driving people crazy. It'd be nice if they would just throttle non-paying users during peak times to guarantee paying users better access, (snip)

But if people didn't get good quality with free streaming, they'd be less likely to pay to subscribe. You have to prioritize in the business world.

Sometimes I think "metrics" is ancient Greek for "the god of insane Harvard Business graduates."
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