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Posted 6/27/17 , edited 6/27/17
Hello everybody!

I started watching Dragon Ball Super sometime ago and fell in love with it's soundtrack / OST. I've been trying to find where I could get it from and as I don't know japanese language ordering it straight from Japan is difficult. Same with other anime soundtracks. In case you want to know why I don't just download it the answer is I want to support the artists.

Thank you for your help
Posted 6/27/17 , edited 6/28/17
Myth: Japanese stores only support Kanji.
Reality: Most of the popular selling platforms have English support in full or part.

The only Kanji I know is 猫 which is neko/cat yet I have who knows how many OST/s and singles.

Cdjapan: Full English support. http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/ Prices are the recommended selling price. No discounts but they have bonus reward points at times.

Amazon Japan: Partial English support. The important stuff is in English. If you have ever used Amazon US/Canada etc. Then it wouldn't be all that different.
https://www.amazon.co.jp underneath the search button it says JP with a sphere underneath it put your mouse over that and change it to English EN. then type in "dragon ball super soundtrack" and it will be the first result.

HMV: Nearly Full English support. http://www.hmv.co.jp/en/ Sometimes have sales etc.

If you use cdjapan first you can cross reference anything that isn't in English then you shouldn't have any problems.


^ Direct links.

Other then having to pay any import fees your country may charge it's no real difference from ordering locally. There might be other sites but those are the ones I use.

If you do have any problems with them just send me a PM here.
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Posted 6/27/17 , edited 6/28/17
here's the link to Amazon Japan:
Amazon Japan link

you're in luck - it's currently in promotion, selling for 344 yen less, at 3436 yen
Amazon Japan accepts many currencies and automatically converts the currency to your own, and deliver it to your door.
shipping costs quite a lot, but this can't be helped.
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