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Post Reply Uncharted Collection - BRUTAL difficulty-- is it beatable ?
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Posted 7/1/17 , edited 7/1/17

AnimeAddictANN69 wrote:

Yoshithehero wrote:
True. I may do that someday, who knows. The only thing you CAN'T use in Crushing is lock-on aim. The game warns that if you do that, it will disable difficulty trophies.

One trophy i truly hate is Peaceful Resolution. You have to clear chapters 13 and 14 without you or Sam killing any enemies. No matter what, i couldn't get it. So, i had to use glitches again to get that done. Of course, even that took some attempts.

I'm planning to play uncharted collection on crushing and then play the 4th game. I think i should have no problem doing headshots after headshots after beating the collection

Does uncharted 4 has offline co-op ? If not you might need to go online and play with another gamer for that trophy. I think uncharted 2 and 3 have the option where you can play the story chapters with another or 2 gamers instead of the AI. It's another way to complete those chapters without killing. or you can just use glitches..

speaking of which, any hackers/gltiches on Uncharted 4 multiplayer ?

Sadly, no. Uncharted 4 has only online multiplayer. I miss those times in Uncharted 3 co-op. Thankfully, Uncharted 4 trophies are easy, expect Survival DLC. It's only because you have to get 3 stars on all levels on Crushing. To make it easier, you have to play some of the levels on Normal/Hard to level up your weapons and yourself. It also goes without saying that you don't have to get Survival trophies to get the Platinum. Only those who want some challenge should do so.
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Posted 9/17/17 , edited 9/17/17
BRUTAL is BRUTAL!!! the enemies have pin point accuracy + 1-2 hit kill (stealth doesn't work much either)

You need a lot of patience and love for the game to sit through brutal mode from start to finish!
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Posted 10/15/17 , edited 10/15/17
It is possible, though it took me a long while to get it done (that gun battle in the sewer was AWFUL). I also did 1 chapter at a time maximum (for the sake of my sanity).

I also got Uncharted: The Lost Legacy on its release date, and I must say, the hardest mode in that game is much easier than the earlier Uncharted games. Basically, I feel it's super doable since they gave us the grass/stealth kill element. You're easily able to stay hidden and take down your enemies as they get close to you. The downfall is just that it takes forever to get through battles and it tests a person's patience, haha!
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