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Posted 6/28/17 , edited 6/28/17
Ok, So am using VRV. On here that seems to be an issue for people who have adds it. (BTW just get an ad-block and make custom filers that isolate the VRV ads.) However I rather like it due to the fact that it uses HTML5 something Crunchyroll seems to NOT have, strangely. Anyways for a video service it is missing some features IMO. Colored by importance.

1. There are no tags for Anything. I understand hiring someone to do nothing but tagging is a pain. But in the mean time could you at least implement user created tagging?

2. It is rather difficult to see what you have watched and how far you have watched each video when viewing a series at a whole. May I suggest rather than putting just Watched in the bottom right corner of each thumbnail you do a 80% Watched, 20% Watched. That would be a a lot better than just Watched.

3. Comments, And not just your comment system add multiple different commenting systems. Facebook, Disqus, your own, etc. For example I do not use Facebook, I have Disqus disabled due to their company policies, but i have no problem with a simple commenting system like CR.

4. Forums, really guys VRV needs its own forums, even if it is just a reskin of crunchy rolls that goes through a different domain name for the user it needs one. Having another site entirely for support with a complete different domain name does not look good. Even if you are God Tier like Steam, having a separate support site makes people mad.

5. For people who sign up to the VRV premium subscription send an email with purchase receipt. Valve does this, PayPal does this, Humble Bundle does this, M$ does this, Google Play does this, Netflix does this, Amazon does this, etc. Also for my online banking when a 9.99 charge on my bank account I would like a lot more description than ####### RECURR PYMT 06/27 09:47 ELN*VRV 4##-5#-92## CA 35###### 60##15 A Description of VRV Subscription | ~ THE COMBO PACK | 9.99/month Would be great, also I understand certain banks have a limit for description so | ends the total description or extends the description for shorter/longer characters limits imposed by the the respective banking institution.

6. Ratings, you guys need ratings for videos. If I may suggest something do not do basic ratings like Netflix ATM. The thumbs up thumbs down is too simple. Instead I suggest you do it like this. Users can vote on the Community signed tags on series (don't put tags on videos). An depending on how a user up-votes or down-votes tags you can better recommend videos to them based on the categories they like. Steam does something like this with its "Is the game relevant to you, Similar to games you played 'List tags'"
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