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Posted 6/30/17 , edited 7/1/17
I very well appreciate how the dialog is effectively presented in the form of instant/text messages, emojis, and stickers, as many contemporary teenage relationships rely on these forms of communication. The use of stickers in the show is accurately used by the characters to dramatically express feelings they have but in a jokingly or sarcastic manner. And yeah, that is the way many millennials use emojis and stickers, mainly to add comedic effect to their emotions they are confessing to the recipient . And these uses of instant/text messages, emojis, and stickers are not used to exhaustion of the series, but used to highlight the importance of technology in the relationships of the youth of today.

And technology in this anime-original story is noticeably more important than track, writing, or the two sweet potato plushies. It is through the use of or cause of technology or the absence of it that Akane and Kotarō have their first (not-so awkward and brief) conversation, first excuse/reason to meet up, first problem, and first explicit confession of love. Yūko Kakihara understands the importance of technology to millennial relationships and how it is a catalyst in these relationships, either making it easier to confess feelings or forcing one to confront someone face-to-face to confess their feelings.

This hits it out of the park in depicting the technologically-enhanced relationships of the youth of today and I love it to death because of it. And maybe, this is Kakihara's commentary on the future of relationships. Futurists look forward to how the future's innovation are going to change how we communicate among other things, but maybe we all should look forward to how these innovations are going to change our relationships. Well not change. Enhance. Our feelings are never going to change in the future, but our relationships are only going to enhance in the future.

I just wonder how confusing the show may have been if the two lovers were using Business Fish sticker packs.
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