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Long ago, a cursed pureblood used his own blood to create
weapons against his own kind. The pureblood knew that vampires
would take advantage of humans.
His human wife died while her children was tortured infront of him.
The pureblood wanted to protect the human race by using her own blood
to destroy his kind. His blood has a supernatural effect that can give human
supernatural abilities and could poison a pureblood, he thought of a way
to convert his own blood into weapons.

A Millenium has passed and his family continued his legacy.,
The blacksmith forges weapons for hunters in a small hut
near the borders of windohym.

Obligations and Limitaion:
1. Humans that are entitled as Hunters are the only ones capable of wielding an Anti Vampire weapon
2.When a Hunter first receives his AVWP, he is able to gain supernatural abilities.
3. The weapon is a medium that unlocks the full potential of the human.
4. One weapon is designated for one human.
5. The weapon will not be activated once a diffrent wielder uses it not unless if there is a change wielder.
6. The blacksmith is the only person that can forge your weapon.

Weapon Name:
Weapon Type:
Drawn Power:
Appearance: *In the form of a description or picture; player's choice*

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Weapon Name: Durandal
Wielder: Jessica Saber
Weapon Type: long blade single handed sword
Drawn Power: Synethesia
Appearance: the sword is the same as the sword in the image
History: Durandal used to belong to another swordsman, and at first he was just a tool to be used by someone with a brain and will of their own, however at the request of his wielder Durandal was given not only an upgrade but the blacksmith also did something that allowed Durandal to become a sentient sword. He had chats with his wielder on multiple occasions and got along with him most of the time. But their relationship came to an end when Durandal's wielder died inside a large cave, and for what seemed like forever for Durandal he was alone in the cave with only his memories to think about.

That was until Jessica stumbled into the cave, albeit on the brink of death, Durandal considered leaving her to just die there just like his previous wielder, however he decided to test the girl and see what she would want if she was alive. The girl passed his test and he decided to become her weapon. Now he gets along with Jessica as if he has been with her since she was born, though that isn't to say they didn't have a few fights every now and then.

Concealed power: Durandal has the ability to negate any targeted magical ability that threatens Jessica's life, however he has only gotten to use this power once while every other time Jessica has said to never use it unless she would die otherwise.
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Weapon Name: High-frequency katana
Wielder: Jack "White Devil" Sears and ????
Weapon Type: Katana
Drawn Power: Physical.

History: The kingdom of Windohym created these ultra powerful weapons. There made from the hardest steel, and it's trick can be activated by a cyborg, for they have the speed capable to swing then blade fast enough for it vibrite. Once the blade vibrates, these swords can cut through almost anything like butter. Exceptions being anything that can match its speed and any weapon infused with magic.
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Weapon Name: Zaresh
Wielder: Arckiial
Weapon Type: long blade single handed broad sword.
Drawn Power: Rosario: This technique speeds up the wielder's response times, along with the wielders speed and agility. However while this ability is active it slowly eats away at the wielder's energy, however unlike some unsafe abilities that may result in death, if this ability is used for to long then it deactivates itself to protect it's wielder and will not activate again until the wielder has recovered all of it's energy back.
Appearance: (take a guess from the picture in the character creation forum)
History: Zaresh was created by the blacksmith who created anti Vampire weapons, at first Zaresh wasn't compatible with any one who tried to wield it, each time it always rejected the wielder for one reason or another. That was until it met Arckiial, after Arckiial had picked it up, it had analysed Arckiial and had found trust in Arckiial's personality and convictions.
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Weapon Name: Backless
Wielder: Yvy Romanova
Weapon Type: PPSH converts to M95
Drawn Power:

Appearance: *In the form of a description or picture; player's choice*
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Weapon Name: Cross
Wielder: Ely
Weapon Type: .45 caliber Colt M1911 and the AMT Hardballer Longslide.
Drawn Power: It can be loaded with normal bullets, however, when fired it is converted into an anti-vampire bullet. The bullet is not only capable of harming purebloods but also anyone that has vampire in their blood.
Appearance: Silver gun with runes all over the gun. The handgun has a silver colored slide, frame, and trigger; made of special metal. The grips appear to be made of smooth wood.
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Weapon Name: Lament

Wielder: Baroq "Bloodfallen" Whitford

Weapon Type: Halberd x Bow

Drawn Power:

Whirlwind Effect: When wielded by Baroq, Lament causes a whirlwind effect, meaning that any slashes made with the weapon causes an aftereffect, making the wind around it turn into sharp cutting blades that launch towards the enemies.



Lament was gifted to Baroq by the Duke of Windohym, the owner of the Silver Battalion, which Baroq served when Baroq came of age at 18. Lament required great strength to wield as it was a huge shape shifting Halberd x Bow. Baroq had trained since young to be a master of archery and halberd wielding and thus this was the perfect weapon for Baroq. Baroq usually wielded it normally as a halberd but in special cases he would shape shift it into a bow, launching the gigantic spear at his opponent. This was usually used as a final attack since he would lose the spear after firing it, leaving him defenseless. However after turning into a vampire, Baroq has since melted Lament with his blood armor ability, subsequently storing it in his body. This made Lament much stronger and higher utility since he is now able to recall the spear by returning it into blood and subsequently his body to reuse the spear even after he has fired it out.
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