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Posted 7/4/17 , edited 7/5/17
There are a bunch of shows in my queue on xbox one crunchyroll app that I've never watched and definitely haven't even been ABLE to watch lately, as I didn't have the app between the shows in the queue that I actually put there before and after the shows in there that aren't mine.
I got my xbox one about a year ago and installed crunchyroll and started using it. That account can never seem to be found when I try to log in on the website (so I made a new account with the gamertag's associated e-mail today, for this post). I got the xbox from a rent-to-own store, but eventually had to return it, so.I did a hard reset (factory reset? Whichever deletes EVERYTHING) before I returned it. I did this TWICE, to make sure my info would be safe. Many months passed, and I eventually purchased that same xbox again with a rental agreement. This time, after I downloaded crunchyroll on my xbox one, I went to the queue and noticed a bunch of shows in there that I wouldn't watch, but also couldn't have possibly added, since I didn't even have access to the app during this time (and for some reason, the account I had created for the app the first time, just doesn't exist. That's what I'm told when I try to recover the acc/change the password from the website).
So, there are shows I didn't and couldn't have added, and want want to know if it's possible that someone else could have used my account on the same xbox one, even after two factory resets, somehow. I also worry about my crunchyroll account safety, and the safety of the xbox live account I use for the crunchyroll app. How did this happen? And how do I prevent it from happening again? There's no account settings on the xbox one app, which means I can't change my password, and I can't make it secure or see who logged in from where, like most streaming sites will let you do, so I can find out who was using this. There's no password reset or anything. It's just very open and insecure. I don't want anyone else having any more access to my account than they already have. Please help me find out what happened and how to fix it!
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Posted 7/5/17 , edited 7/5/17

You would need to sign into the website using the original account credentials. It's possible you had a typo in your email, which is why you had to create a new account today. Any devices are listed on this page, and can be deactivated to remove access: /acct/?action=devices.

As the forums are mainly for peer-to-peer support, you should /contact customer support directly.
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