Post Reply the WORST Customer service and problem with video playback, unresolved issue as of 2 months ago.
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Posted 7/6/17 , edited 7/6/17
I would LOVE some feedback from the community since the crunchyroll customer service is probably one of the worst i've experienced to date.

I have an issue with my video playback that's been ongoing for about 6 months now, and everytime i submit the issue to customer service they give me the same copy paste answer DESPITE me SPECIFICALLY requesting something more. I literally say please dont give me a copy paste answer and they give me a generic response over and over again.
The first is the usual, Hello, We're sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems with viewing the videos on our site. For starters, I'll have to ask you to do the following: and the FAQ and i've read and tried a million times. I specifically said, DO NOT post me the FAQ because i've tried that, and they go and paste the FAQ.

After resubmitting and replying to the ticket 6-7 times, i get a "we're aware of the issue, it affects a lot of people, sucks to be you" deal. They say they're working to resolve it but its been going on for HALF A YEAR.

Basically the issue is that my videos randomly stop playing at the same exact timestamp over and over. It happens in every single browser: chrome, IE, firefox. I've tried everything from wiping cache to reinstalling browsers. EVERYTHING. It didn't use to be so bad, but now its gotten to the point where i can't watch a video anymore and ive been paying for a sub for over a year.

Now my ticket has been "escalated" for about 2 weeks now, and no word. This is absolutely ridiculous.
I'm sharing my experience, and will absolutely be cancelling my subscription that i've had for almost 2 years. please share this with everyone so crunchyroll can stop being terrible with their customer service.

TL:DR; Crunchyroll customer service has been giving me the run-around for 2 months. I've tried being patient but its obvious they dont care, and only give me generic answers that they've copy+pasted. Can't watch a single video for the past two months, with the issue extending out from 6 months ago
Edit: If you'd like to see the interactions between me and crunchyroll just pm me, i'd be more than happy to share the convos
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Posted 7/6/17 , edited 7/6/17
Things to try to see if you get a different playback result:

First, not a solution, but just an experiment to potentially identify what I personally suspect is causing the issue:
Right-click in the video while it is playing and choose "No subtitles" as the language, and then see if it still stops playing... I realize you can't actually watch videos that way, and I may be wrong, anyway, but it's just a test to eliminate the soft-sub stream coordination.

Here are two special case ways around Flash, (both use hard coded subs instead, so one stream)

In Chrome: a HLS extension (which will require you to enter your password the first time):

The Windows UWP app, if you are on win-10:

They do have an HTML5 player in development, but not ready for general release yet.
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