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Posted 10/2/17 , edited 10/2/17
I stuck with it to the end as well and liked the finale even if it was a bit on the predictable side. This one just didn't really hold up to me over the course of the season. It was still enjoyable, to be sure, but I don't feel it ever kept up the magic that it had in the first few episodes for some reason. Solid enough series and I would recommend it but I wouldn't go out of my way to go to bat for it.
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Posted 10/7/17 , edited 10/8/17
Well I finally finished this, it was very cute and sweet but unfortunately terribly dull too. I can't put my finger on it, it should have been more likable, it didn't do anything wrong. If anything I would have to point to would be the animation, this obviously didn't have a big budget and so obviously had to compromise. They seemed to decide to use limited movements and put the emphasis on coloring/shading and keeping the characters detailed. Unfortunately this lack of movement or limited movement ( just watch them running in the OP) created an "oddness" to the characters IMO, it was just weird. They're tiny mouths and simple opening and closing identically for every syllable (often in unison) took away from what usually makes anime faces familiar and unique.
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Posted 10/22/17 , edited 10/22/17
Action Heroine Cheer Fruits (ONA) EP 11 "The Misery of Misaki Shirogane"

Everything was going good for Cheer Fruits / they were going to perforn at the
Culture Center be libe on the intetnet -TV / sold 3000 tickets / even having an huge show with Misaki in it. Then Misaki dinfs out its going to be torn down
Her grandfather built it anf on her bithday her grandfather died ans since then she has had bad luck The girls confront her aunt who explaiva all of this and they decicde to continue

Action Heroine Cheer Fruits (ONA) EP12 "Passion ☆ Fruits"

Even though Misaki is upset see is watching the girls start ad-libbing and Misakii sees that and rushes over through a bike crash ( sees almost stops but reads the girls note ) / tripping She gets there and adlibs too and the show is a hit

Cheer Fruit are #2 5 weeks in a row / the Shrine has more business / there is a repeal of the demolition / and a go for more shows . Genki gets a very mobile whhelchaiR and joins the cast
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