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Posted 7/6/17 , edited 7/7/17
So i have been having this problem for months now, finally made an account and got premium, thinking that would fix it for some reason. Still does it obviously. I have submitted 2 tickets to the site with the same result of "Your issue has been escalated, blah blah blah" been about 2 weeks now and I have heard nothing. I'm at a lost and i'm kinda salty i'm paying for something I can't even use. any suggestions, guys? I mean besides the obvious stop paying and stuff like that. I have done all the trouble shooting they have given me. I have tried several browsers as well. even cleared cookies. The apps work fine on my phone and TV, so it seems like it's not bandwidth issues with ISP. I'm just at such a loss, i just wanna watch my soaps, dammit! Pic related, it's me right now
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