TIN FOIL HABERDASHER: ergo proxy - the live action show!
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the Tin Foil Haberdasher is for those things that might be a good idea, may work out but aren't entirely likely to see the light of day. they are my thoughts on whether something could or should happen, and may contain spoilers for a series and I appreciate a discussion on the subjects brought up. that said get your most fashionable length of aluminium foil!

I've been getting a lot of complete and collectors editions lately and one of them is ergo proxy, practically consistently recommended by anyone who knows it exists. there is loads of philosophical stuff on one's existence, purpose, and identity, so much in some parts of the series it's hard to follow at times. a criticism I do have about the series is that some scenes look very dated in their animation, like one with Monad ripping through a shopping centre and the crowd seemingly doing nothing in reaction to many of them being killed, this would of course look more natural if those people were running around screaming their pants off.

the story is good, the characters have something to them, but maybe it'd need an update to get a following again, then I thought how are a few anime series updated these days? A live action show! I could totally see it being possible.

I do think the west could handle this, as the first city, Romdeau is first shown with English text on the screens around the city, it is vibrant and advanced, like how many forward - facing European countries see their future, this I believe is also reflected in the people, we are mostly exposed to Re-L Mayer to show the people of the city
to me, her looks could easily be met by a white actress with pale/Gothic make up. most of the cast in this city seem that they would be white, with personalities that seem to be from all over Europe. proxy one created these people, and although most proxies look dark - skinned, it seems he would fall into what would be considered European or British

the AutoRievs in most of the series would be head - to toe costume like Iggy
most AutoRievs could be played by anybody. one particular actor of note though would play Iggy himself. after it is revealed that Iggy contracted the Cogito Virus his character is nearly 180, the only thing he has in common his earlier Cogito - free self is his urge to protect Re - L, so it would help if he was played by someone with good range
two actors will play three characters each.
the first is the actress that will play Re - L
her clone, "Real" Mayer
and due to the fans often suggesting that Re - L herself is a clone of Monad, she may also play the insane Monad and show some simular features, though after the experiments performed on her, she looks very different

the second will be the actor playing Vincent Law
And this will be quite a difficult one to do, Ergo Proxy and Proxy One
Ergo differs slightly in personality to Vincent, and One and Vincent differ as much as pre and post Cogito Iggy

the only asian actor I see being in it would be MCQ
it's the only episode that features kanji so much, MCQ seems like a huge TV personality on a gameshow, I'm guessing Japan still loves its gameshows. if the live action show is westernised, I'd still like the gameshow to look like it's from Japan

any thoughts on this? what actors would you like to see playing these characters? would you rather a japanese show then a western one?

something I find funny though is thinking about Iggy's actor in the scene where he analysis an infected AutoReiv's memory. you'll be watching a guy in what looks like rubbish pyjamas watching a box do nothing for 5 minutes while youngsters bicker

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