Gaming convention with an anime showing room...what sort of shows to display?
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Posted 7/10/17 , edited 7/10/17
Hello all! I'm one of the organizers for a tabletop gaming convention, and one of the activities we're going to have at the con is an anime screening room where a variety of shows will be playing throughout the convention, thanks to our supporter Crunchyroll! :D

I'm in charge of coming up with a schedule of what shows to play and in what order and when. One thing to keep in mind is that a lot of the attendees at this particular con may not have had much exposure to anime beyond pokemon and maybe dragonball z, so this could be a great opportunity to bring more people into the anime fandom.

Does anyone have particular recommendations for a play list? I'm thinking some widely recognizable shows should be included (One Piece, Hunter x Hunter, etc.), and that I should probably show the first episode or two rather than just random episodes or personal favorite episodes. But what do folks here think?
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Posted 7/11/17 , edited 7/11/17
Will your tabletop games include shogi, mahjong, etc? Perhaps a themed tie-in with March Comes in Like a Lion, Akagi or Saki?

For HxH, use the Meruem episodes from the Chimera Ant arc - especially where he plays against Komugi.
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Posted 7/12/17 , edited 7/13/17
Mushi-shi each episode is a complete story so doesn't matter which one you pick all are classics
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