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Posted 7/10/17 , edited 7/10/17

while creating a CR account earlier today, I noticed something which really annoyed me. I mentioned it in a support ticket (mainly complaining that there is no HTML5 Player even tho I have Premium. Now I know you need Premium+ which is US only) and they redirected me to the forums.
My problem is the following: I use the xkcd 936 method for my passwords and these passwords tend to become lengthy. Unfortunately CR only allows passwords up to 30 characters.
So my suggestion is to remove or to strongly increase the restriction on length. There are no reasons for a limitation as low as 30 characters. The password is hashed anyway (I hope) therefore the number of bytes in the database is constant. DOS prevention is no excuse for 30 characters, too. I cannot believe the restriction was an educated and wilful intent, instead ignorance. Or am I wrong and there is a right reason?
I hope this could be fixed, it isn't too difficult.

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