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Posted 7/10/17 , edited 12/13/17
Kirara Fantasia is a games for iOS and android. it features characters from the kirakira magazine. as of now, the following characters are confirmed to be in the game:

Chiya - Urara Meirochou
Takeya Yuki - School - Live!
Honda Tamaki - Magic of Stella
Kujou Karen - Kiniro Mosaic
Nonohara Yuzuko and Ichii Yui - Yuyushiki
Tooru - A Channel
Suzukaze Aoba and Takimoto Hifumi - New Game!
Yuno - Hidamari Sketch
with more characters planned to be added in the future

as well as the game exclusive characters Kirara and Lamp

Kirara - the main protagonist of the game. without parents and raised in a remote village, she is able to feel bonds between people from a very young age. she later meets the other two characters Lamp and Match and is able to use a legendary spell called "Call" (literally in romaji: ko-ru)
(maybe she's able to "call" the characters from other series?)

Lamp - she slipped from her duties of working in the temple in order to search for a summoner. she later meets Kirara and proceed on ajourney to save the world. She loves the goddess scriptures, and is very knoweldgeable about them.

Match - a being who lived along Lamp in the temple. self-proclaims her "guardian", it follows Lamp in her journey.
>mimori suzuko as Match's VA

Kirara Fantasia official site

there's also a promotional video, but the video is region blocked.

update: the game is now live!
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Posted 7/11/17 , edited 7/11/17
This look like it'll be fun
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Posted 12/15/17 , edited 12/15/17
Been playing this actually

Where y'all at?
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