My opinion on Super Robots and Real Robots
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Posted 7/11/17 , edited 7/11/17
I know this is going to sound like a generalization, and I've had people on Reddit correct me in a variety of different ways when I discussed it with them. But you know how in the majority of team-objective shooters like Counter Strike, Battlefield, Team Fortress 2, and Overwatch, players pick between different roles based on the weapons they wield, like close-quarters/light offense and long-range/heavy defense/support? And you know how you could practically say the same thing for characters classes in medieval fantasy RPGs?

That's what I'd also get in Super Robots and Real Robots. Super Robots make me think of warriors or heavy-weapon specialists, usually because they are bigger and stronger, and put lots of emphasis on melee combat (with exceptions like Volkain from Gun X Sword, which uses guns primarily against the Original 7 armors). Real Robots, meanwhile, are essentially rogues and mages or CQ specialists and snipers, because of their smaller, more delicate frames and emphasis on guns (with exceptions like Albarest from Full Metal Panic, which uses a Lambda Driver to gain its Super Robot powers).

Am I just generalizing, though?
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