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Earth facing "biological annihilation."
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Posted 7/13/17 , edited 7/14/17

Rujikin wrote:

I'd say the rich pay enough if they actually paid their actual tax rate. Right now there are tens of thousands of tlpages to the tax code and hurried within it are tons of loopholes that only the super rich can do along with special exceptions they exploit like hell. Not all the rich can even use all the same tax breaks so even among people of the same tax bracket its unfair. Income made on the stock market is taxed at a different rate than if you own a business and actually produce goods so some rich are in a special tax bracket because they exploit our tax system.

Then you have the rich all making non-profit foundations where they cross donate to one another then deduct it off their taxes so they pay less taxes while they still have access to use the money via their foundation. Ever wonder how our politicians are worth 100 million when they have been in politics all their lives and the most they officially made working was 175K? Another story I remember was that GE or GM managed to both have record setting dividends for investors while also having a massive loss so large the government owed them millions due to our tax code loop holes. Raising taxes won't solve that only remaking the tax code will.

Some privatized prisons are really good but most are just schemes for politicians to funnel money, looking at you Illinois. The best regulation is preventing anti competitive behavior and preventing companies from merging into super corporations.

China has to do a lot to their water to make it drinkable. They will keep having rain but they have to spend so much on cleaning it that your completely reliant on the government for water. I dont know much about the OZ water supply. Is it naturally undrinkable or did you contaminate the small areas of drinking wateras

Throium reactors sound interesting but they are really following the same concept as current generation nuclear plants. You use radioactive elements that get hot enough to turn water into steam but you dont get do hot that the pellets can burn a hole through the containing shell. You dont need to get to 6000 degrees to boil water you just need a little over 500 degrees. Then containing and managing the fuel becomes simpler, cheaper, and safer. You do this by using uranium that has a low enrichment 5% is common. Then you make your reactor larger than before but the materials you use can be cheaper due to not needing extreme heat materials. Due to the low enrichment the pellets REQUIRE water as part of their reaction thanks to waters surface tension. The surface tension bounces back alpha and beta particles which continue the nuclear reaction and without the water the reaction stops due to losing all of its alpha and beta radiation.

That's why I say meltdown proof. It cannot melt through the containing materials and the reaction stops when you remove the water. So unless you have the nuclear plant falling into an ocean you won't have an issue. Even then tungsten and ceramics could pick up the pellets without melting like at Fukushima.

I never know how much nuclear knowledge someone has so I assume low knowledge and talk as such.

You've summed up my point on the wealthy & tax loopholes exactly. :D
And politicians & kickbacks, too ! Totally agreed.

BTW, I love your profile signature: Linux Mint forever! Down with the new regime of Windows Metro Tiled Spyware!
Having said which, AIX is a better unix for pSeries midrange hardware since you don't have the bandwidth for X11 on mass remote terminals in globally disparate data centres, and it has a very old but very robust admin menu framework. shell scripting helps there too, but ksh93 is the only way to go when you don't have access to bash.

Sounds like Australia is pretty much in the same boat as China for water processing in that case.
And to some extent, we have privatised the water processing retailers in the same way we privatised electricity & phone retailers, along with deregulation which has only pushed up the prices, because there is no actual incentive for competition for market share, thanks to an overly complex system of contracted service terms instigated by each retailer which restricts consumer mobility. Rather, they all feel free to raise their price point to 'what the market can bear' which means households have to go to high interest credit facilities and end up in considerable debt.

So, as you can tell, I'm totally with you on regulation preventing anti-competitive behaviour.
Unfortunately, we have already had the balls cut off our Australian regulators by powerful lobby groups & gutless politicians doing backroom deals.

That reactor design does sound like the BWR, although unlike the standard light water design, it also sounds like it requires deuterium-based heavy water, in order to handle alpha & beta particles?
A Gen3+ ABWR (Advanced Boiling Water Reactor) , perhaps? That uses light water -
Sounds good from what I've read so far. Time from signal to shutdown is 2.8s !
Sounds like a number of the built plants have suffered a fair percentage of offline time due to maintenance tho...
But that's way better than having a meltdown :-)
Fukushima Daichii's reactors were early BWR Gen2 designs,
a planned construction of ABWR design in Fukushima's plant was cancelled as a result of the incident... Politically toxic...

No worries, thanks again for the effort you've put in on responses! I always appreciate a genuine discourse :D

take it easy, cya4now

Posted 7/13/17 , edited 7/14/17
There's only thing we can do, summon the powers of Nakama and yell really loudly about how friendship is the most powerful force in the world.
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Posted 7/13/17 , edited 7/14/17
Oh well nothing lasts forever :/
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Posted 7/13/17 , edited 7/14/17
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