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Titan Shifter vs One-Eyed Ghoul [In the other story's world]
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Posted 7/11/17 , edited 7/12/17
Hey everyone. Since I've recently finished both the Attack on Titan and Tokyo Ghoul anime, I started wondering how awesome or how screwed up it would be if the abilities of each story's protagonist were swapped and how it would change the story. If you were forced to choose to be a Titan Shifter or a One Eyed-Ghoul in the other anime/manga's story, what would be your choice. I am really curious because I myself don't know which choice I would make because I might have biased standpoints. Feel free to add spoilers to prove your reason to which choice you made! Biased/unbiased view points are also fine of course.
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Posted 7/12/17 , edited 7/12/17
That's a very tricky question, but I would usually be born as one-eyed ghoul in attack on titan, because the skill you have as a one-eyed ghoul is being a very fast monster with dangerous set of skill, you could also kill the titans very easy. It's like being Levi as God Mode, on the other hand being a titan shifter on tokyo ghoul, you would be pretty much screwed.
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