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Post Reply What anime should i watch next?
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Posted 8/7/17 , edited 8/8/17

OzzyRS wrote:

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!

I started off by watching FMA and have just finished watching Hunter x Hunter. They're both amazing!

If your looking to expand your horizons...

Flying witch - slower paced/relaxing kind of a chill show to watch
Mushi-Shi - a collection of oddities surrounding the main characters profession\
Blast of Tempest- Shounen seems to be you're niche so it should be right up your alley.
Shin sekai Yori- a bit slow to start but thought provoking none the less.
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Posted 8/13/17 , edited 8/13/17
You know, I keep reading these threads about "What should I watch next?" and, really, there is a very simple answer.

1. Open a new Word document

2. Copy and paste the entire list of series from Crunchyroll. Format this as a numbered list. (It starts at about 800 items but will get smaller pretty fast.)

3. Find a 10-sided die.

4. Roll a number between 1 and 1,000.

5. Find the title that corresponds with the number you rolled. Reroll any numbers that are too high and no longer correspond to a title (e.g., 908 when you only have 742 titles left on the list).

6. If the series looks interesting, go to step 7. Otherwise, either return the title to the list if you think you will want to watch it later or remove it from the list and make a short note in your Word document that you have done so. If you do either of these things, go back to step 4.

7. If you want to watch the series, watch it! When you are done, include a short comment in your Word document (which has now become your Anime Log) about how good you thought it was.

8. Check and see if new series have been added to Crunchyroll. If so, add them to your main list of series to consider. Also, save your Word document regularly so you don't lose any new comments, etc.

9. Go back to step 4.

This should keep you busy for the rest of your life.

You're welcome.
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Posted 8/13/17 , edited 8/13/17

Mgellis wrote:

Or hit the little random button at the top of the page... baka! And heaven forbid anyone use MAL or similar to track what they've seen/dropped/want to watch.
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