Favorite anime wars *SPOILERS*
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Posted 7/12/17 , edited 7/12/17
In my opinion, it'd be the Gryps Conflict from Zeta Gundam. The Titans would take over the Earth Federation and its space colonies from within after spending seven years removing Zeon remnants for it. And so, the A.E.U.G. and Karaba were formed to usurp the Titans before they do any more damage from inside their own government, as well as toward Earth and its space colonies. And, at the time, the closest thing they had to a war-hero that wasn't Amuro Ray from the One Year War in the original series was Kamille Bidan, who piloted the Zeta Gundam.

I'd also like to give props to Britannia waging war with the outside world, from when it took over Japan and renamed it Area 11, to when Lelouch took over Britannia from within after usurping his own father, and thus waging war with the rest of the world like a crazed imperialist.

And, I'd want to bring up humanity's war against the Anti-Spirals from Gurren Lagann. Tons of people died throughout that war to help Simon and Team Dai-Gurren defeat the Anti-Spirals, right down to building for them a galaxy-sized super robot that would eventually fight a one-on-one melee duel against the Anti-Spirals' own galaxy-sized super robot.
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