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Is isolating really all that bad?
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Posted 7/13/17 , edited 7/13/17
I tend to keep to myself and socialise only with people who have a mental capacity greater than a beechnut.

It sounds conceited, to think that I would avoid someone based on intelligence, but it isn't for the reason you may expect.

For example, a vast majority of people I have encountered are "star struck" and love hearing about the Kardashians or whatever the hell it is you strange breed of people are virally into. I have ZERO interest in HEARING about topics like that, let alone TALKING about said subjects.

I'd much rather hold a conversation about the universe; How and why things happen the way they do, What the chances are about getting a moon base or Mars base started within the next 10-20 years, or even how light interacts with the world we perceive. I find those conversation topics fascinating, and fun to theorise how things work.

It is a sad truth that I often find myself pondering within my own head these questions because it is rather difficult to find another person who I can enjoy talking to about these things. At family gatherings, my conversation entries into the boisterous symphony of incorrigible noise produced by the family drunks are usually "Oh, that's cool." "Neat." "How was work?" "I'm sorry to hear that" etc etc etc. No real effort to converse with me, because the topics are usually dumb(to me) or about topics I have no knowledge about, and as such, lack the ability to contribute to the conversation with some tinge of information that could prove interesting to them.

As a result of my "shortness," my family often asks how I am doing, showing a needless concern for my well-being. They are oafs, but at least they care, I suppose. It may be a bit preemptive to call them oafs... Even the great "geniuses" were "dumb" in subject matters that were not their field of study.

I guess the correct way to phrase my distaste for human interaction is to say it is a lack of a common interest.

So I'd say; converse with people who share a common interest with you, don't force yourself to engage in a relationship with a person who enjoys subjects that bore/trigger you, but know how to interact with those people so that you can possibly find a subject you are interested in.

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